Friday, September 19, 2014

Be careful when you watch pictures of Mars.

Some people likes TV or the movies, while others read books or enjoy the contemplation of Mars surface. This is fine, but Mars watchers must be careful.
After a couple of hours of Mars watching, if you have no problems will be bored as hell, but some individuals on the contrary find some curious rocks that look...artificial.
Now, if you keep looking pics of Mars surface, you will in the end find Dinosaurs, Human and Extraterrestrial bases, monuments of ancient martian civilizations, rodents, bones, stone faces and...YES..! women sitting in some rocks.
Now, if this happens, and you publish your "findings", probably people will think you are crazy or stupid.
If you have doubts concerning these "visions", do some googling research for "Pareidolia."
However if you are convinced that NASA, (controlled by Aleister Crowley and disciples of the Golden Dawn and ancient egyptian gods,)  is covering up the big martian secret, better go to the doctor.
Tomas Scolarici AKA James Black

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