Sunday, September 28, 2014

My answer to Alfred Webre

Alfred tells us that the noises in the background of his video interviewing Kevin Annett are produced by COINTELPRO. 
This is my answer to this "suggestion".

A noble, decent human being.
"Obviously Cointelpro would not waste one cent or one second of time in this total and particularly repulsive and slanderous nonsense. Kevin Annett is a psychopath, but there are hundreds of thousands like him. As a con-man he can have some interest for Interpol, but if it's true that his discourse is full of hate and lies, he is inoffensive. I would like to know what Geri thinks about this pathetic, dark and marginal defrocked ex-priest.
What I cannot understand is what is Alfred Webre doing with these insane "friends" .  By the way, I know well the excellent and impeccable man who is now the Pope. Where are you going Alfred? "Do you believe one iota of what you are saying about demons, pedophile monarchies, Lucifer and satanic rituals in the Vatican? "
If you do, truly, honestly you need help."
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