Friday, October 24, 2014

Richard Dolan: Nothing new about UFO mythology.


The title of this book would suggest that either the author is going to come up with some radical new approach or that it will contain large numbers of new and impressive 21st century UFO cases. It does neither, rather it is just another potted history of largely US ufology, with many of the same old stories that we have read countless times before. As seems standard with US UFO books the ETH or some variation thereon is taken for granted as is belief in the grand cover-up. Large portions of the text are taken up with speculation as to what might happen when “the government” “discloses” “the truth” about UFOs (i.e. they tell Dolan and like ufologists what they want to hear). Far from the panic and general mayhem that Dolan imagines, I would suspect most people would just assume it was some sort of stunt to take peoples’ minds off government failures.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ancient Aliens theory debunked in 3 hours documentary film

The "ancient aliens" mythology is one of the well known fallacies of the UFO-ET industry. As a dying myth,
the UFO-ET Hypothesis desperately needs some imaginary "evidence". This important scientific film is an enormous contribution to realism, truth and historical and pre-historical knowledge.

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #1183: Whitley Strieber

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #1183: Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is the science fiction writer that invented the ET abductions. He is indeed a master of fiction-as-fact style.

Friday, October 17, 2014


In a new documentary, US government agents claim they spent decades giving fake evidence of extraterrestrials to gullible ufologists. But why? And how can we trust them now?

You must see this..!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UFO Psychosocial Hypothesis and critical denial.

We wrote that the UFO Industry is ruled by marketing laws, so it is REAL what sells. Simple like that.
However, there are also clients: people that buys books about the UFO phenomenon and the big conspiracy that presumably keeps the secret about the ET presence on Earth.
About this also the UFO Psychosocial Hypothesis gives a clear answer: the believers will buy and read what
confirms their beliefs. They have little interest in any hypothesis that contradicts their faith in the mythical, fantastic perspective. Fantasy, sensationalism and myth will always prevail while rational, coherent ideas will be rejected.
In fact this is not different from the attitude of religious believers who do not want to read what eventually can shake their faith.
Priests even promote this rejection of "profane readings" while professional ETH ufologists will condemn critical ideas as disinformation.
As we can see, there is no difference between religious and ufological belief. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is proclaimed as the true faith and the self-proclaimed experts become the only reliable popes of the new mythology. Of course the rule here is also the Tertullian Credo quia Absurdum  (I believe because is absurd.)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Marketing and the UFO-ET Hypothesis

UFO as a Market invention. 
First of all we must consider that in the Market system. everything becomes a commodity, including UFO-ET-Paranormal mythologies. Because of this, the self proclaimed experts that support the UFO-ET Hypothesis are also ruled by the market. They need to write what sells.
Obviously this destroys any compromise with objectivity. The rule here is that what sells is true. That is why the UFO industry tries to create the impression of thousands of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO.)
What these professional Ufologists, Exopoliticians and contactees DO NOT tell to their public is that 95 % of those UFO sightings are misinterpretations of natural phenomena and man made artifacts.
This changes totally the rules of the game. There is no UFO phenomenon, but misidentification phenomenon. Let us remember that even the 5 % of sightings that remain unidentified are so because of lack of enough research.
The UFO-Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is an invention of journalists, opportunists, conspiracy theorists and the UFO Industry. We should include science fiction writers and hypnotists that produce nice ET abductions. Fiction is sold as fact, misinterpretation presented as some close or not so close encounter.
On the contrary, the Psychosocial Hypothesis (PSH) analyzes the UFO phenomenon as a form of modern folklore. 
This perspective is popular among UFO researchers in the United Kingdom and
in France since the publication in 1977 of a book written by Michel Monnerie, Et si les ovnis n'existaient pas? (What if UFOs do not exist?).
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