Monday, September 22, 2014

Choose your own Conspiracy.

Complete List - Conspiracy Theories - TIME

Recommended. The best conspiracies here, including the Reptilian Elite, and the secret societies that control the world. Also of course 9/11, Jesus married with Magdalene, and much more. Enjoy..!

Richard Dolan back into the REAL WORLD..!

Richard Dolan tells the TRUTH..!

– Gross wealth inequality
– Technological redundancy of employment
– Similarities to medieval feudalism
– Adam Smith’s ‘The Wealth of Nations’
– Movement from the current paradigm of petroleum/finance and the revolutionary nature of our time
– Wikileaks

Charlatanism and Logical Fallacies.

The Exo-fantasists, self-proclaimed ufologists and conspiracy theorists make use systematically  the most well known and not so well known logical fallacies.
This is so, because these show-men, some of them professional mythologists, have no evidences of what
they give us as true.
Knowing this, it's easy to debunk hoaxes, factoids, and imaginary conspiracies.  Follow the link below for an excellent compendium of logical fallacies.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Gags in the Big Show.

Here we have a new twist in the UFO-ET-DISCLOSURE mythology. As you know, each one of the show men and women must fight against the NHS , Nothing Happens Syndrome. So they must find new elements to keep people (a very few) interested. Songs are OK, or The Pope ready to reveal the ET presence, or Conspiracy theory, and perhaps the new clowns in the Circus, the Exo or hyper or extra dimensionals. 
Remember dear friend the fundamental Galactic Law...The show must go on.

The Allagash Abduction Hoax.

The Allagash Abduction was a HOAX
I'd like to ask you to meet four unlucky art students: Twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, Chuck Rak, and Charlie Foltz. Back in August 1976, they decided they'd go on a nice, relaxing fishing trip to the back woods of Maine. Little did they know that they would be part of the most bizarre incidents of UFO history, and I don't mean the fact that in Maine they sell lobsters at McDonald's.

In the great tradition of relaxing sport expeditions, one night they made what seems to me a relatively poor choice, they decided to go night fishing. To find their way back to the bank, they made a good-size bonfire from some large logs that would burn well into the night. Hopping into their canoe, they set off onto the lake shortly past sun-down. READ MORE

UFO Discussion Forum : Message

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett is a defrocked priest who has taken-up a second career as a con-artist/grifter. Annett has convinced a bunch of unwitting people that he is the saviour of Indigenous people everywhere, and the only person who is working on their behalf. This is not true- rather, he is using their cause for his own personal gain.
Kevin is most famous for his faking of the discovery of a ‘mass grave’ at the Six Nations Reserve in Brandford, Ontario.  Apparently, he is pulling the same con at other reserves- one has to feel sorry for all of the people who he is building false hope for. READ MORE

To Alfred Webre and his friends.

Alfred is fighting for truth in some kind of personal tribunal, and he
deserves to keep near his heart the Picture I included here. He is the
Pope, of course, with Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
Alfred, please give copies to Kevin Annett, future Nobel Prize and
President of the Republic of Kanata,
and Rafael Palacios,AKA Rafapal.Included also pictures of Kevin and Rafa,
the prestigious journalist.

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