Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alfred Webre, Time-travel, and organized nonsense

In the paragraphs selected below, we can choose between two different hypothesis concerning Alfred webre.
Either he is crazy, or he is a total skeptic. In other word,  he is depressed, his faith in Humanity is lost and he is laughing about the “true believers”.  I do not think he is a disinformer or a psy-op, or a jesuit, or a cabal, or anything else. He is a defeated man or, perhaps he is just trying to make some money.
Our comments below in bold and italic.

Project Pegasus and Alfred Lambremont Webre
Andrew D. Basiago has revealed that the reason Project Pegasus was able to identify Jimmy Carter, who was the then Governor of George, in 1971, as a future U.S. President, is that the Project Pegasus was in possession of a copy ofExopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe by Alfred Lambremont Webre—a book that this reporter would not write until 1999 and would not be published as a library book until 2005, but which bears a quote on its front pages of a statement made by President Jimmy Carter.

First there is not a USA state called “George”. (Georgia perhaps?)
Here we have some interesting contradictions working. Let’s see…IF Basiago examined in 1971 a book that was NOT WRITTEN, then, the book was and also wasn’t there. This of course contradicts the basic logical law of the middle excluded. A thing either exists or doesn’t exist. There is no middle option to this.  
In addition, in that years of 1971, Alfred Webre was already the book’s writer and also wasn’t. Remember that the book was written in 2005.
Besides this, the whole world a logical impossibility. Carter was and wasn’t president of USA.
Jimmy Carter was not only the future e president of the United States, but the ex-president.
The whole world becomes a total impossibility.

That book, originally published as an online free book in 2000, founded the field of Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse, and provides an articulation of a paradigm shift in which humanity becomes part of a populated, organized multiverse.

With the firm conviction that we are all stupid, Webre tells us that Exopolitics was already in existence in 1971, and also wasn’t.
While “visiting” the year 1971 and reading a book that wasn’t already written, Basiago was waiting to be brought back to the present..!
Unfortunately Mr. Basiago didn’t read the “future” papers. We could have easily win several lottos and of course, be the greatest prophet of all times.

According to Mr. Basiago, Mr. Webre's book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe was, among other written works, physically retrieved from the future by DARPA’s Project Pegasus and brought back in time to 1971 or a prior time.  
At that time, 1971, I, of course, was General Counsel of the New York City Environmental Protection Administration and it seems I had been placed under time travel surveillance by the U.S. government.  
Mr. Basiago states that he physically saw my 2005 book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe in 1971 when it was taken out of a U.S. government secret time-travel documents satchel and placed on a table at which he, his late father Raymond F. Basiago, and another witness were present.  Mr. Basiago recalls specific passages being read to him from the book.
If in fact, DARPA's Project Pegasus had used its secret time travel technology to go forward in time from the early 1970s (or earlier) to 2005 (or later) and bring back my book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe, then Project Pegasus also had the technological means and motive to identify me - Alfred Lambremont Webre - as a person of interest for time travel surveillance.
OK, Alfred, yes, the Government is interested in you, because you know a  lot about time-travel. However, while you wait for something to happen, you should have a nice talk with your wife Geri. She is not only a psychic but a therapist, and a wonderful lady.
She already worked with you on your depression and your obsession with the cults. Talk with her about all this…yes?
Have a wonderful week, Alfred.
Tomas Scolarici.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dr. Michael Salla is Wrong

Michael Salla tries a new perception of the UFO phenomenon, but is wrong from the beginning.
He gives us three different ufological perspectives, but all of these include the ETH, extraterrestrial hypothesis as a given fact.
This is not true. Many ufologists like Dr. Jaques Vallee and the writer of this text, affirm the obvious: there are no evidences about the extraterrestrial origin of the phenomenon.
UFOs are a rare phenomenon whose nature and origin remains unknown. Contactees, deluded mystics, pseudo-scientists and professional charlatans, again and again give us class B science fiction as a fact.
The messages of the self proclaimed contactees are just a blend of New Age and pseudo-psychological rhetoric with no value at all.
The ET hypothesis is basically irrational and doesn’t resist any logical test.
Nothing valuable comes from these “aliens” at all. Presumably these cosmic civilizations came to our planet to play hide and seek and talk some theosophical nonsense.
Of course we must recognize that the whole nonsensical and old-fashioned ET hypothesis gives some humans the real possibility of making a living selling books, lectures and recycled “wisdom”.
Rational ufologists consider the UFO phenomenon as it presents to our perception, and more important, analyze the so called UFO subculture and its metaphors.
The UFO subculture teaches us nothing about extraterrestrial life, but a lot about us, human beings.

UFOlogy’s Grand Deception – hiding the truth about human looking extraterrestrials
August 5, 2011. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Ask any UFOlogist about the reality of extraterrestrial life, and you’ll most likely get one of three versions of what is happening. The first is that we have been witnessing UFOs since the mid-1940s that offer abundant physical evidence of other worldly technologies sighted in our skies. This leads to the conclusion that some UFOs are extraterrestrial space vehicles observing our world, especially locations where nuclear weapons were being developed or stored. The second most popular version is that since the early 1960s, short “gray aliens” have been abducting people for genetic experimentation. The third is that some UFOs have crashed, and that strange looking “gray aliens” have been recovered along with advanced technologies for study in classified reverse engineering programs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WHY Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, is always WRONG.

Here is Boylan's post. Our considerations in-between text in bold and underlined. (By the way, he uses the word Cabal thirteen times)

Boylan's post follows.

    The failure of a sequence of predicted dates for that very large quake  at Japan to occur has led me to look into Cabal meddling, and to look into how they did it.  
    In the whole recent process of my attempting to read the energy signature of the pending very large Japan quake, I have now concluded that the Cabal have been inserting disinformation energy to falsify some of my, and my associate’s impressions. The Cabal's false projections have been responsible for my past incorrect readings of the date, magnitude and epicenter of the pending very large Quake. Of course, the Councilor cannot fail. He is omniscient, so the cabal must be responsible. 

    I found that the Cabal have been using not-seen-before very sophisticated energy devices, accompanied by psychic mind tricks, to trick me and my associate into getting erroneous impressions. These Cabal devices generate and project not only the "mushy energy fields" which have been so troublesome , but also projecting specifically-focused pre-shaped energy packets to fool me into thinking that the energy from the deceptive Cabal energy packet was the actual reading of the energy signature of the situation I was looking into. IF the cabal makes him wrong concerning Earthquakes and other does he know that this is true??? 

    I have since taken two additional measures to shield against false readings, and am now operating with awareness of such Cabalinsertions of false impressions and energy "signatures".  
    The two new techniques I use when doing energy readings are:  

    1) adding an additional protective shell of super-strong EMP (electromagnetic-pulse) continually-pulsing energy around me and the object I am trying to "read"???. The EMP breaks up and scrambles the carefully-shaped incoming Cabal disinformation energy packets. [I make that EMP shell very thin (2mm), so that it does not swamp or harm the energetic field of the target being "read"]; and. The self proclaimed needs a doctor as soon as possible. This is TRUE and not a joke. 
    2) take the extra step of taking an additional reading-of-my-reading, asking the specific question, "Has this reading just done been influenced by the Cabal and their energy and psychic manipulations?"
    This past Monday morning my clock-radio alarm went off with the sound of Carole King singing, "I feel the earth move under my feet." I sat pretty bolt upright. I felt this was a message. Well well well...he hears voices now.A bit later I checked out on the dowsing rods, and sure enough that song-"coincidence" was staged by the Zeta as an alert to me. So, I felt  I was being prompted to once again pay attention to that so-far still-pending Quake. Now, if he is Councilor of Earth, the ZETA could just do it better...just contact him directly.  
    Because the Cabal with their tricks and deceptive energy projections have tried to destroy my predictive credibility on this topic, I am not going to post in advance any readings I now get about the still-pending very large Quake. I find myself in the unenviable position like the Little Boy who cried "Wolf!" once too often. This is a wonderful idea, "councilor". One of the best you have had in recent times.
    Suffice to say that the Cabal's false version was exaggerated several-fold.
    When it does happens, everyone can see how well the facts line up with what I was trying to see through the Cabal "smog".
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Diamond Springs, CA 95619  USA

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The UFO phenomenon is a complex system.

Why should we be open and also rationally detached concerning the Aereal and Spatial Unidentifiable Phenomena or UFOs ?  Because we THINK.
The Uncertainty Principle in Quantum Theory denies the possibility of accuracy. Therefore, the initial situation of a complex system cannot be accurately determined, and the evolution of a complex system can therefore not be accurately predicted.
CHAOS THEORY studies precisely the complex systems (like the UFO phenomenon, by the way.)
We know that in the development of systems, large number of particles will display a pattern that is near equal to the initial possibilities of a single particle, consequently a complex system will follow this so called law of Self-Similarity.
But what is self-similarity? Self-similarity is the repetition of a shape, form or behavior on different levels of complexity. Not as an identical copy, but as a variation of the same basic shape.
Now, when we analyze a large complex system, we talk about  behavior, and this behavior shows : unpredictability, randomness and sovereignty.
The UFO phenomenon is a complex system; unpredictable and (for us) random.
 The nature of this  complex system  is unknown and probably will remain so.
Class B science fiction characterizations are meaningless from this perspective.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The remains of "exopolitics"

Do you remember our polemics with Alfred Webre and Dr. Salla about Exopolitics?
All that is finished. Few days ago, Salla wrote that our world was controlled by bad aliens. 
Also, in the tabloid-nonsense published by Alfred Webre, we can see what's happening here.
I think that Alfred lost interest and "faith" in all this contradictory nonsense related to UFO, conspiracy and pseudoscience.
Alfred just takes what it comes, of course with a condition: it must be irrational, unsubstantiated, contradictory and laughable.
A pathetic bunch of charlatans, neurotics, pseudo-mystics, and faked scientists give substance to the videos of this man who was once a Judge.
Is there an agenda? NO, I don't think so. 
Alfred is probably tired, and, I hope not, depressed. Alfred plays his game knowing that is meaningless, that as life in Macbeth, "is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
(Shakespeare saw the Truth a few centuries ago... Siddhartha Gautama, known as Buddha,  saw the same thing  25 centuries ago. Sir Bertrand Russell, the late mathematician and philosopher defined Buddha as the greatest atheist of all times.)   

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