Monday, June 6, 2011

The "Real Thing"

The “Real Thing”.
We must recognize this : The exo-fantasists, Cosmic Gurus and contactees are (most of them) creative people who produced a new rhetorical science. No name yet but provisionally we can call it “substitutionism”.
The basic problem these people have is that they are never in contact with the “Real Thing”. Worst, they cannot show to the true-believers that “Real Thing” so, they must give something instead of the real aliens, real landings, real contacts, etc.
First resource is to talk about the Real Thing, because the Cosmic Pundits believe that if you talk enough about the Real Thing, massive hypnosis will do the rest, and people will believe that talking about the R.T. is the R.S.
They believe that if you repeat a hundred times that a balloon is NOT a balloon, everybody will have a convenient visual hallucination and the balloon will transform into an alien space craft.
However, they have a big problem with this and we will call it the New Age collapse. In fact constant repetition of the same hypnotic words will produce a regression, and old men and women will go back into a preposterous New Age ideology.
But we must not forget our basic statement: Talking and writing about the “Real Thing” is not the R.S. at all.
Also, the exo-evangelists, most of them already insane, must go into the conspiracy method. They can tell the true believers that the Real Thing is kept in secret by the government.  This is the cover-up substitution. The EXOS will produce faked whistleblowers that “saw the Real Thing”..!
Because, let me tell you this: the Real Thing is always NOT there. Like in the biblical mythology, in the beginning we have the LOGOS, which is the talk about God but never god.
(God is the Real Thing of religion, but like the Aliens, is never there. We have talk about god but not god, not R.T.)
So, truth is that after years of Real Thing substitution, many Cosmic gurus collapse into Real Thing alternatives as quackery, new age, religious and pseudo-scientific non-sense, and total insanity, as it happens with the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth, AKA Hot Tube Doc.
The true believers will look for some other Guru, or will remain faithful to the original one, and even visit her/him in the asylum.
A good alternative for the true believers is Religion, because religious dogma tells us that we MUST have Faith in the Real Thing that is unknowable and invisible.

Have a great day.

Tomas Scolarici  

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More on Richard Boylan and Child Abuse

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gerard Deauville <>
Date: Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Seriously Concerned People.

Dear Mr. Roth
Moderator of

This is a message sent by seriously concerned people. We have nothing against Ufology and paranormal investigations, but when these are directed to children, this becomes a very serious matter.
It is easy for some individuals to deny all wrongdoing. The Devil or the Cabal is responsible for their deeds. Judges, victims, lawyers, journalists are all wrong or worst; they work for some kind of shadowy, obscure agency.
The fact is that we are watching the behavior of Dr. Richard Boylan, and each day this man seems to have less control over his own ideas and actions.
The manipulation of kids’ identities, the falsification of facts, the invention of invisible entities, and the totally inadequate content of his insane messages and teachings to children cannot be justified.  
Authoritarianism, paranoia and manipulation are Boylan’s methods. He is always right, and the rest of the world must agree with him or endure his insults and false accusations.
The man believes that he is nothing less than the Councilor of Earth. He tells the children that they are a different race, a superior one that come from the Stars. He falsifies our Human nature and history, and gives those kids impossible, irrational tasks.
All this is indeed Child Abuse, and you know this Mr. Roth, because you are a mature, intelligent person with enough sensibility.
Dr. Richard Boylan sows confusion, isolation and fear in those children whose identities he is destroying.
Boylan’s abusive messages to his group are not only inappropriate for children, but real brainwashing of the worst kind.
Of course, Mr. Roth, in civilized countries like USA, Child Abuse is a very serious offense that requires a scrupulous but rigorous investigation.


Gerard Deauville
Citizens Against Child Abuse.
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