Friday, June 12, 2015

Karyn Dolan and husband Richard in the Ufological Show.

First of all, let's say that Karyn Dolan speaks better than her husband  Richard. She is more coherent and has more control of her rhetorical resources. No massive funny" digressions, and less unnecessary autobiography. ( We hope that  she will not post hundreds of thousands of pictures of her face, following the practice of his narcissistic husband. 
However, since she is in the beginning of her "apostolate", Karyn goes into the ancient astronauts mythology and assure us that there is more than enough evidence about the ET activities in our planet.
In other words she, of course has nothing new to say about the UFO-ET mythology, but after all, there is nothing wrong with this, because you will not look for originality where there is never nothing new to say. 
Anyway Mrs. Karyn Dolan tries her hand with a some new meme about conditioning
kids concerning the presence of ETs  through cartoons, TV and movies. 

This is funny. Some reactions of listeners and video watchers is very negative: About this Video, a comment says:

"This is a good example of a wife trying to cash in and be part of her husbands hard work. This presentation is horrible and she is stretching it a little. Richard Dolan has worked very hard on his UFO research and has made many presentations that are quite good. His wife now obviously wants a piece of the action and she comes up with this crap. Please...leave the UFO stuff to Richard and get your own career. She reminds me of Hillary Clinton riding the coattails of Bill Clinton. Disgusting. ."

Another one: 

"Well,here we Aliens are No GOOD! She for got Star Track ;0)
In Reality....if Light Walkers wanted too really Hurts us.....they would done it Already!!!
Who she working with the elite?????"

Of course we agree about the poor content of this repeated paranoid non-sense, and Richard Dolan, who now has enough experience about UFO-ET Mythology, should give his wife some advice. Truth is that Karyn would do best remaining out of the UFO-ET Circus. Out of the show.
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