Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Contact in the Desert"...with whom???

Those who try to make a living selling UFO-CONSPIRACY mythology,  must do
miracles to keep the UFO ET Hypothesis alive.
Please consider the unfortunate shows like the (no) Roswell Slides Hoax and after that the "Contact in the Desert" question is this: CONTACT WITH WHOM?

Listen to this..."2015 conscious creation productions, inc presents contact in the desert..." 

the big show..."productions INC. Well well well...these "contacts" never work...there is only contact between the "believers" and the "experts" who want money from the "true believers".
See the "big" names here
Between you and me, too much people sharing the money of the tickets, and the "memorabilia". We should ask 2015 Conscious Creations Productions, INC. about the show and the money.
Honestly, I hope that the believers enjoyed the extravaganza.
If they payed for information, they get none. Just the usual dose of nonsense, lies, fictions, and fallacies.

"While there were several vendors at the Conference, most of them were selling crystals,  Bohemian style (aka Hippie) clothing, juice and natural cures. There was a great deal of jewelry, Alien fan art and symbolic items as well. This area was separate from another area near the retreat’s sanctuary which featured signing station for the panelists as well as their books for sale. "
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