Monday, March 31, 2014

The ufologist's secret story.

This is the beginning. Our future UFO researcher makes contact with the ufological “corpus”. He reads all the books, and sooner or later, the new expert makes up his mind: he will also write a book with new ideas and he will try some lectures perhaps..!
At night, our convert watches the sky in awe. Who knows…the cosmic brothers will contact us soon, and the “reliable sources” promise that the cover up will end and disclosure will open the New Era of cosmic fraternity.
Time goes by. Our new professional sold his book well and he is working on a new one. He is also learning a few things. About UFO not much and perhaps he understands now that there is not much to learn. Our ufologist knows of course that 95 % of all the UFO sightings are identified as natural phenomena, manmade artifacts of hoaxes. He also learns the tools of the trade, and what the market wants on UFO books. Publishers don’t care much about truth but about what things sell and what don’t. Either he plays by these rules or he finds a job outside the UFO subculture.
Lost of Innocence.
Now, since this ufologist is an intelligent and informed individual, we should consider the possibility of a split personality. What our expert knows and believes about the so called UFO phenomenon, is not what he writes or talks about. He is now familiarized with the ufological world, its lies, intolerance, mutual accusations, faked and unreliable sources, imaginary contactees and a formidable mass of nonsense. He is now familiar with conspiracy theories, fiction sold as fact, pseudo-events and unfulfilled predictions.
Time to choose.
For our ufologist it’s now time to choose. Either he recognizes his growing skepticism or goes with the flow.

The last possibility has to do with individual and social ethics and perhaps a crisis of moral values. The UFO expert must find the solution of this moral dilemma in the privacy of his consciousness.

Richard Dolan debunked.

This can be a big scandal in the rarified UFO subculture environment. Richard Dolan, UFO  researcher and historian, interviewed an anonymous and alleged former CIA official in a deathbed situation, on March 5, 2013.
The same man however, was interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe in 1998. Both testimonies are contradictory and consequently unreliable. Show business after all. READ MORE

Tuesday, March 25, 2014




Timothy Good. Earth, An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-up in Human History. Pegasus Books, 2013.

John Hanson and Dawn Holloway. Haunted Skies Volume Nine, 1981 - 1986. Haunted Skies Publishing, 2013.
Give him his due, Timothy Good is able to assemble a vast mound of UFO related folklore, urban legends, “things I learned in the services” stories, rumour, fringe beliefs and the like, much of it stuff that 'sensible' ufologists wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. His books are among the last refuges of the old fashioned contactee stories that were the staple diet of British gutter-roots ufology 50 years ago.

There would be no problem with any of this if all this material was actually presented as folklore, and as such it would give an interesting insight into the range of fringe beliefs that circulate around the field.

The problem is that Good actually seems to believe much of this lore. He really does believe the stories told by George Adamksi, Dan Fry, Gabriel Green and their imitators as well as by the likes of Philip Corso. In fact there isn’t any piece of UFO lore that he doesn’t swallow, or at the very least give it a damn good chewing.

As you read this book, you come to a rather sad conclusion, that Tim Good simply cannot grasp a sizable proportion of his 'informants' are just having a laugh at his expense, and that the rest consist of the usual motley collection of frauds, liars, bullshitters, con-artists, cult leaders, fantasists and the plain delusional. The only population excluded are plain ordinary folk who happen to have, to them, puzzling experiences.

How to detect cognitive dissonance, identity crisis or money problems in UFO “experts”.

*The UFOist make phone calls to old friends. (Perhaps looking for a serious job.)
* The UFO researcher keeps his/her desk closed. (He doesn’t want his family to see what kind of nonsense he is writing. “Shame on you..!”)
* The UFO expert explores the possibilities of Tarot reading, stage hypnosis or psychic advice. (He is in fact looking for an alternative to full time Ufology.)
*He or she is drinking more than usual.
Here we have a very limited idea about the state of the art in UFO-ET mythology.

The NESARA plan which presumably has something to do with UFOS and UFONAUTS.

The ASHTAR COMMAND, that’s people trying to make a couple of bucks with Galactic Messages, Spirituality, Meditation, Channeling, Awakening, UFOlogy,  Nonsensology…you name it..!

Andy Basiago, Time traveler and Martian habitué also has something to say about cover-ups, martian life and his meeting, years ago, with President Barack Obama in the red planet.

In fact there are thousands of experts, futurologists, ufologists, exopoliticians, astropoliticians, historians, self proclaimed whistle blowers, contactees and pseudo-scientists selling this show.

People into the disclosure project are into selling books, DVDs, Lectures and the UFO-ET-SECRET-COVER-UP mythology. They present themselves as freedom paladins demanding a fully disclose of the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. They are into this business from 2000 or 2001, time of the infamous Press Conference in the Press Club in Washington DC. (Nobody took them seriously of course.)

In fact there are thousands of experts, futurologists, ufologists, exopoliticians, astropoliticians, historians, self proclaimed whistle blowers, contactees and pseudo-scientists selling this show.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Richard Dolan about Malaysian Flight 370.

We must recognize that Ufologists are men and women that enjoy the divine virtue of omniscience.
We can see this watching Richard Dolan’s video about the disappearance of the Malaysian flight 370.
Richard, with a great academic background, is now a television personality, UFO historian, and also has something to do with other paranormal disciplines.  
In this video, Richard Dolan cautiously explores the mysterious disappearance and even suggests the alternative of some kind of technological invisibility in action.  
By the way, with his long hair and grey beard, our ufologist looks older and wiser.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cognitive Dissonance: Alternatives.

Cognitive dissonance, in the definition of the psychologist Leon Festinger, is based on dissociative situations.
Humans strive for consistency, but when they have contradictory ideas, that inconsistency produces dissonance and discomfort.
For example, the cognitive dissonant finds himself talking to the public about something that he doesn’t believe it’s true or totally true.
As a result this individual will fight his psychological distress avoiding situations and information which would increase the dissonance.
In the world of the UFO industry and believers, this avoidance explains the violent opposition to ideas and theories that contradict what he believes or worst, what he sells.
The UFO-ET professional is in a worst situation than the simple believer, because sooner or later he will find himself selling fictions as facts, and knowing well what he is doing.
After some time, the self proclaimed expert will write what sells, not what he truly believes.
This is inevitable, because publishers care about books that sell more than books that tell the truth.
Of course there are different magnitudes of cognitive dissonance which is aroused when people get information that is inconsistent with their beliefs or convictions.
Even the cognitive dissonance happens when some information is denied to the public. That’s the case when some elements are deliberately suppressed from the text.
Consider for example, the ufologist who writes about massive UFO sightings, but doesn’t mention that 95 % of those “massive sightings” can be perfectly identified as natural phenomena or manmade artifacts. This suppression of information is dishonest, and our writer of partial “truths” knows this.
In the UFO-ET and Paranormal industry it is possible to go from a cautious suppression of information to a world of nonsense and lies.
Some cognitive dissonance victims will solve their growing discomfort being honest with themselves and the public.
Others will go into a secret personal skepticism and a cynical justification of his duplicity.
In its most severe forms, cognitive dissonance will eventually become insanity or psychotic denial of the real world.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014


I will show you the characteristics of the UFO-ET business and why this industry is condemned by market laws.
Basically, those who make a living of this subculture must convince their clients that unidentified flying objects are extraterrestrial entities or artifacts. This was an easy task 60 years ago, because the idea was new, and “flying saucers “were a revelation and a novelty. Besides the UFO phenomenon was related to the cold war.
Even Adamski’s Venusians were believable for some people in those years.
Also, the first EXO-profiteers worked well with the possibility of a fast solution of the UFO enigma, presumably as a consequence of direct contact between these imaginary cosmic brothers that were better than us, and more intelligent. Basically the fantasy was that the extraterrestrials were here to save us from auto-destruction. The aliens were a blend of big brothers and gods.
But time goes by, and year after year, the “soon they will contact us” suggestion didn't happen.
UFO business was forced to do make some changes. Aliens were now legion, some good some bad, and the cover-up conspiracy theory kept UFO invisible but credible…for less and less individuals.
This is the basic problem faced by the UFO industry. Year after year, writing books and giving lectures about UFOs require more and more nonsense and more fiction sold as fact, but trivialization has a price to pay.
More nonsense and fictions will attract less and less clients.
The clients of nonsense and trivia will be the less informed individuals and the less informed and cultured folks are those who buy less books and have less money to pay lectures tickets.  
Truth is that those who believe in the UFO Psycho-social hypothesis know that the cover up and disclosure belong to the UFO ET mythology.

Intelligent EXO-fantasists also know this but remain silent. After all they are trying to sell their impoverished UFO mythology to less and less clients. 

Ed Komarek and the UFO ET community.

In this interview, Ed Komarek tells us that the ufological environment is full of viral marketers, scammers and hoaxers, that discourage people new to the field.

For Ed Komarek, one of the three first Exopoliticians, the UFO/ET community and Exopolitics is full of people with agendas other than the truth. I used to try to expose them, but they would use their victims to counter attack me. 

About Alfred Webre,  Komarek says: “ I worked with Alfred

to found the field of Exopolitics and the Exopolitics Institute,

 but like all the other serious researchers I know, I can no 

longer work with Alfred because of credibility concerns.”

Ed is promoting his book “UFO, EXOPOLITICS and the NEW WORLD DISORDER.”

Friday, March 14, 2014

To Richard Dolan about Books and Perspectives.

Dear Richard, in my view, there is nothing new in your book, except  the ugly cover. The idea of your head cut is sinister and bad tasted.
On the content, just the same old, but of course, there is never nothing new in UFO. I know it's not easy to make a living with things and factoids that perhaps had some meaning  in the 50's and 60's. but these are different times.
Follow my advice Richard, and try something else. Go into Meditation, Tarot, ghost hunting, or even "quantum jumps". Of course the best would be to reconsider your serious academic background and becoming a respectable professor of History. It's up to you of course. You must decide if you want to be another Michael Salla or Alfred Webre, or teach good old and respectable History.
It's up to you, Richard Dolan. The "UFO bug" illness is curable.


Monday, March 10, 2014


After six decades of complete failure, the UFO fantasists have one and only one resource to make their followers believe that there is some substance in the so called UFO problem. It is the totally unjustified announce that soon there will be disclosure. Let me show you the trick of this fallacy. First of all, they talk as the existence of Extraterrestrial visitors as a fact. Considering that at least 95 % of all the UFO n sightings are identified as natural phenomena artifacts and hoaxes. (They never talk about this statistic,) this assurance is a maneuver of delusion. The suppression of information that denies their statements is obviously dishonest. Remember that keeping people interested is nothing but marketing.
Perhaps more important, if the cover up was remains alive and well after six decades, nothing justifies the insistence on a sudden disclosure. Of course I am totally convinced that anybody that makes a living thanks to the UFO legend knows perfectly well that there is no cover up and consequently, there will be no such disclosure. We
Recommend the reading of The Disclosure Myth as soon as possible.
In other words, UFO fantasists are not trying to demonstrate that these ET visitors exist. What they are doing is keeping the meme alive, simply because UFO fantasies sell books, even if you can read for free in the Internet everything that the armchair UFO researchers write. Internet research and reading will also give you information about HOAXES and misidentifications that the writers give as amazing UFO facts.

About this you should read what the British Magonia blog has to say about this book: Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel. A.D. After Disclosure. New Page Books, 2012.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Alfred Webre is a decent human being with whom I have some differences. Concerning Alfred as a double agent, this is an insult. Alfred deserves to be a quintuple agent or more. He represents the Galactic Council, the Algolians, Jesuits, Freemasonry, Martinists, and the Supreme Order of the True and Accepted Knights of the Temple, but he has absolutely nothing to do with the Supreme Order of the Holly Grail guardians with are, as you know, NS agents. In the future perhaps we will be surprised to learn that A.L.W. will be the future Secretary of Disclosure. By the way, Tibetan and Nepali sources let me know that Alfred is a good friend of the Chakravarty , Lord of the Wheel and Emperor of the World, whose secret Palace is in Shamballa. One more word: my differences with A.L.W. are tactical and sometimes even ideological. Alfred deserves respect and those who attack him will taste the horrors of the purple and obsidian tetrahedrons.


What's going going on here? Looks like someone is fighting the fantasy-sellers and monetary ufologists.
Take a look.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gems from "Reality Uncovered"

A poor story lesson…

“60-years of man’s complete and utter failure to wrestle the flying saucer out of its natural reverie of folk tales and myths into groundbreaking reality have forced the world to abide with a somewhat weaker intent to discover the rare and unknown than in centuries past.  In a way, this is fitting, since UFOlogy, in its most general and aggressive terms, has been relegated to the dreariness of a poor history lesson.  The most fanatical or heretical of its judgments are raised to interpret events that can no longer produce witnesses, because so very few have survived the intervening years.”

“Disclosure is primarily the redemption of those who are wrong, as collected within their irresponsible rewriting of human history.  It’s what happens when mankind uses witchcraft to turn its failed search for God into our successful encounter with the body politic.  For the most part, it is always used in reference to a future event, and as such, it can never actually occur (which is a blessing without disguise for those like Richard Dolan, Bryce Zabel, Robert M. Collins, Robert Hastings, H. R. Phillips, Robert Salas, Stephen Greer and many, many others who are currently selling it worldwide).  Disclosure is simply a means of making money by selling ideals and the byproducts of wishful thinking amidst the assurance that wrong is right. 
Di$clo$ure is a profit-motivated system designed to treat the psychic wounds of those who refuse to accept the promise that their futures will be ordinary.”  
“Complacency is necessary, not sacrifice and belief, for only complacency allows us to focus our attentions on what we can do, not on what we can imagine.  One example of the need for such complacency is represented by the Disclosure issues currently being sold to dreamers and madmen by shameless reprobates throughout every nation in the world where the word “UFO” has come to mean something other than an undefined anomaly in the sky. Disclosure is defined and reconditioned to meet the expectations of men and women who cannot possibly reach a consensus based on real knowledge of real events, and yet it is being used to shape political desires and potential national policy.  It is an arrogance that yields only to the imagination.”
“Hell, even the unconscious yearnings of the UFOlogical mind make its definition as a history lesson obvious to those caught up in the examination.  Full Disclosure, the single most sought after goal of UFOlogy’s most fanatical adherents, is encompassed within the passive desire for its justification, the importance of its existence to those desiring enlightenment.  Full Disclosure will justify the daily yearnings and the wasted nights of true believers most noted for replacing knowledge with faith.  Government secrets will finally vindicate their pre-teen assessments of this tiny bit of galaxy we call home, and shrink the Universe to a manageable size and dimension.”


"Unfortunately, the world has been forced to listen to this silly little tune for far too long, and none of it has ever really changed, forcing us to examine its evolution in the splendor of its stillness and its uncompromising refusal to grow into something worth the energy necessary to redirect our national gaze.  Take a deep breath.  Hold it. Exhale.  Now, in this single moment, this aggressive second of future reckoning, reconcile yourself to everything that’s unremarkable in life and recognize therein the true face of UFOlogy:  it is worthy of attention only when it’s marketable with a profit margin exceeding the investment of reasonable and well-focused contempt. "

Friday, March 7, 2014

Triangular UFO: the big HOAX.

In the introduction of his book Triangular UFO, published by Richard Dolan, David Marler writes what follows:
“My interest in this particular subset of reports was initially piqued by the now-famous wave of triangular UFOs over Belgium from 1989 to 1991. There were literally hundreds of highly-credible reports of these objects seen over that country in addition to radar confirmation as well. As if the accounts were not intriguing enough, the approach taken by the Belgian military towards the subject publicly was equally compelling. There were no denials or outlandish explanations to rationalize away these reports. They were taking the subject quite seriously.”

Richard Dolan confirms this “seriousness”. He writes:
“For years, serious researchers have known that triangular-shaped UFOs are one of the most common types observed. The phenomenon has sparked intense debate among many and excited the imagination of many others. But until now, there has never been a book-length treatment of this fascinating subject.”
But now, the man who created the Triangular UFO HOAX tell the truth, and as you well know, the common ground of UFO fantasists is not truth but unreliable sources, lack of evidences, copy & paste and improvisation.
TRIANGULAR UFO: confirmed hoax after two decades 


Let’s go to a lecture about UFO, cover up, secret government, black budget and massive genocidal conspiracies against humanity. We’ll see that the “expert” in weirdness is talking about very powerful, superhuman forces with unlimited resources.
The listeners who paid 30 or 40 $ to hear all these horrors, will leave the meeting with curious feelings. A few thinking that they wasted their money. On the contrary, the true-believers will have faith in this expert in UFO, extraterrestrial visitors, cover up, disclosure, alien abductions, illuminati and Chemtrails. No evidences needed.
Faith is more than enough.
But…a few individuals will leave the meeting with the sensation that someone or “something” is following them.
Once these loonies arrive at home, they will check the phone, the windows, the door, and …their gun.
In the nightmarish world described by the paranoid baloney seller, some nuts think that they know what to do next.
Please, think about this and if you agree, share with others. The message is this one: SELLING PARANOID BALONEY IS A DANGEROUS BUSINESS.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


“The "promise" of UFO disclosure is a myth being presented by people who prey on those that want to believe that the government is evil. Unfortunately, UFOlogists have never figured out that if there were a conspiracy that can be kept secret for over sixty years, what makes them think that any effort is going to reveal the truth? Could such a group that is so powerful that it can hide its existence from Congressmen, Presidents and the media, be bothered by a pulp fiction writer, a washed up nuclear physicist, a glory seeking emergency room doctor, or any other persona associated with UFOlogy?
It is important to note that UFOlogy is not about real scientific investigation of UFOs. It is about personalities who have found a niche in society that allows them to satisfy their egos and appear important to those who want to believe these stories. By promoting the myth that the US government is concealing aliens or information about UFOs, they can continue to write books and ask for money from credulous individuals who want to believe them. With that kind of sensationalism being sold, there is no reason for many UFOlogists to really want "disclosure". This is why "disclosure", in the sense that many in UFOlogy describe, will never happen and why it is nothing more than a myth.” READ THE WHOLE STORY.

The Manipulation of Misinformation.

You will never read this in the books written by professional ufologists:
It is estimated that 95-98% of all sightings have straightforward explanations which include astronomical phenomena (meteors, planets or bright stars low in the sky), atmospheric phenomena (clouds, lightning in all its forms, mirages, and a host of effects which science hasn't even cataloged let alone understood), and man-made phenomena (aircraft, balloons, blimps, kites, etc.). The remaining fraction is largely attributable to a variety of psychological phenomena. Illusions and outright hoaxes constitute a small fraction of UFO reports.
UFO professionals find the solution for the absence of evidences: Conspiracy..!
Belief in alien visitations only can survive the total lack of evidences thanks to the conspiracy theory. Presumably the physical evidence of alien visitations is being kept from the general public by the governments the scientific establishment and the aliens themselves. This is important, since without a conspiracy theory, belief in alien visitations is simply untenable, because the absence of evidences. Even a credulous audience will, after some time, find the rhetoric of the self proclaimed experts unbelievable.
Popular Ufology consists entirely of claims, and it is only these claims that are available for study.
We cannot study the UFO itself because it is unidentified by definition and also a transitory phenomenon. Consequently, truth is that we have a mountain of claims about aliens and no physical evidence that aliens even exist. The tricky work of the professional ufologists is to make us believe the unbelievable and buy their books.
However this is a dangerous game.
Those who make a living selling misinformation are responsible. The insistence in conspiracies, secret governments and malevolent agents is poison in a paranoid personality.
We have already the tragic experience of a UFO cult that ended in mass suicide. Also we must consider the abusive manipulation of some “abductees” in the so called regressive hypnosis, which by the way, is not recognized as valid evidence by the justice.



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Professional ufologists know that their battle is lost from the beginning.

First we should consider the following characterizations: there are basically two kinds of UFO adepts. The first one is the closed ufologist. This is an honest individual who buys his UFO books if he or she has money, and follows in the Internet the urban legend included the basic ufological themes: The conspiracy, cover-up, whistle-blowers, sightings and the classical UFO mythology:
Good or Bad Extraterrestrials are secretly doing something in our planet, etc. There are of course variations of these dogmas, and these variations are pseudo-scientific disciplines, channeling or the paranormal.
The second kind of Ufologist is the open one, the public, self proclaimed researcher, writer, lecturer and story-teller.
My hypothesis is that the open ufologist, the professional, is an individual who KNOWS that the war against skepticism or indifference is LOST already. It was lost from the beginning.
The professional understands that never will be such thing as a public contact or a disclosure. He knows that ETs, as angels, demons or gods, will never show, because they do not exist, and if they exist, cosmic distances will make any contact impossible.
So, the professional ufologist problem is just to keep people interested. Enough people to buy books and pay for lectures or lessons of Galactic Diplomacy (Sic.) with diploma included.
Now, if our intelligent professional knows that the battle is lost already, he or she fights for time. Time is for the professional ufologist of paramount importance. His enemies are not the psyops or the debunkers.  
Inevitably, some true-believers will have “faith” in the ET=UFO myth, but others will become aware that the whole thing is mythological, and that the promises of the Exopoliticians and other experts never happen.
Thus, intelligent professional ufologists must have some exit ready, because if their deluded clients see the simple truth, it will be time for these “experts” to find something else to do for a living.


TRIANGULAR UFO: confirmed hoax after two decades 

In April 1990, a photograph of a triangular shaped hovering UFO by an eighteen year old man named Patrick became one of the most sensational photographs that perplexed even scientists at NASA.
After almost two decades, the mystery of the photograph was finally resolved as the man behind the hoax admitted the picture was a fake.
In a TV interview, one of the forgers admitted that the UFO was made of polystyrene and then photographed. Read More.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The truth about UFO researchers becoming "spiritualists"

Many times we described the inevitable mutation experienced by those who become professional Ufologists. What they describe with nice words as an “opening to new realities” is very easy to understand and we sometimes define this process as intellectual suicide.
There is nothing new or concrete to say about UFOs, but the self proclaimed “expert” wants to sell books for the already limited UFO subculture. He finds that, since 95 % of all the UFO sightings are perfectly identified as natural phenomena, hoaxes or manmade artifacts, what remains to do is to write the same book again and again to the gullible clients.
Obviously is not nice to write a full chapter about the fantastic, amazing presence of extraterrestrial spacecrafts flying over New York and then learn that the Star Visitors were just birthday party balloons.
This is not a solution, and that’s why, sooner or later, the rational ufologist becomes…”spiritualized”. Marketing produces this “miracle”. The ufologists open their minds to the mass of nonsense that substantiates the UFO urban legend and become contactees, gurus, seers or prophets. After this transformation anything is possible and there will be no annoying distinctions between fiction and fact. The new and inspired exo-mythologist will be free from inconvenient rational limitations.
The audio-interview to Richard Dolan defines clearly this transformation with the following words:  Richard Dolan steps out of his role as academic historian, and gets down to the challenging task of trying to untangle the frenetic weirdness that permeates the UFO abduction lore. 
Richard Dolan defines his change as intellectual transformation, talking about UFO, he tells us that now he is into Kundalini meditation and that all these “experiences” changed his idea of reality.  Of course this “spiritualization” of the ufological quest opens the door for the improvisation and the unlimited non-sense.
Abductions become researchable and imaginary contacts with the mythological extraterrestrials are now possible.
The ex-academic is now an open mind. From now on his imagination has nothing to do with evidences.
Richard Dolan’s audio link is included below.
  one-click audio download HERE  

Monday, March 3, 2014


In one of Richard Dolan’s websites, we read:
“Richard Dolan is among the world’s leading researchers and historians of the UFO subject.”
Call it arrogance if you will, but truth is that Richard is a show-man, and this is nothing but show, and those who make a living selling UFO fictions as facts, know that the show must go on, even if in Ufology there is never nothing new. When self proclaimed “world leading researchers” understand this, what remains is to write the same book again and again.
There researchers are already immersed in the well known mass of contradictions, childish nonsense, insanity, faked sources and perhaps consciousness. In that moment, cognitive dissonance is inevitable.
However to keep the show going on and the books in the market, some of them, like Richard Dolan, will frequently contradict themselves. Talking about disclosure, they will say that UFO are non-human solid objects presumably of extraterrestrial origin.
The same “leading UFO researcher” in a different occasion will recognize that the UFO phenomenon is infinitely more complex that all we could imagine.
The law here is that “UFO are what you want them to be, or not-be.”
Anyway, Let me give you an advice. BEFORE BUYING NEW UFO BOOKS, take a look at this site: The Saga of the Flying Objects.
You will learn a few things; the most important is this one: WHY SHOULD YOU PAY FOR WHAT IS FREE IN THE INTERNET? The Saga of the Flying Objects.

Richard Dolan's political and ufological fictions

Richard Dolan in the video included, plays his game between political and science fiction.
As usual he adapts his rhetoric to the listeners.
Individuals with little culture and bad informed would “learn” from Richard that UFO are crafts, solid non-human, perhaps extraterrestrial crafts. Of course Dolan cannot show a single piece of evidence about this statement.
More important perhaps, he tells us that the mysterious breakaway civilization that he imagines is in control of the real power, and the President is a puppet of the imaginary cabal.
Of course he keeps the taboo information: Richard Dolan doesn’t tell that 95 % of all UFO sightings are perfectly identified as natural phenomena of man-made artifacts. This is a good example of manipulation and elimination of those elements that are inconvenient for the UFO=ET mythologists.
Curiously in Dolan’s  fantasy, the non-human ufonauts have nothing to say and remain invisible an undetectable. This absent presence is absolutely incoherent (sorry about the oxymoron.).
Capitalism, corporate abuse, corruption, war, exploitation and ecological destruction are not the big problem. UFOs are.
What is Mr. Dolan doing here? Promotion of his books, of course.
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