Friday, March 7, 2014


Let’s go to a lecture about UFO, cover up, secret government, black budget and massive genocidal conspiracies against humanity. We’ll see that the “expert” in weirdness is talking about very powerful, superhuman forces with unlimited resources.
The listeners who paid 30 or 40 $ to hear all these horrors, will leave the meeting with curious feelings. A few thinking that they wasted their money. On the contrary, the true-believers will have faith in this expert in UFO, extraterrestrial visitors, cover up, disclosure, alien abductions, illuminati and Chemtrails. No evidences needed.
Faith is more than enough.
But…a few individuals will leave the meeting with the sensation that someone or “something” is following them.
Once these loonies arrive at home, they will check the phone, the windows, the door, and …their gun.
In the nightmarish world described by the paranoid baloney seller, some nuts think that they know what to do next.
Please, think about this and if you agree, share with others. The message is this one: SELLING PARANOID BALONEY IS A DANGEROUS BUSINESS.

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