Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Professional ufologists know that their battle is lost from the beginning.

First we should consider the following characterizations: there are basically two kinds of UFO adepts. The first one is the closed ufologist. This is an honest individual who buys his UFO books if he or she has money, and follows in the Internet the urban legend included the basic ufological themes: The conspiracy, cover-up, whistle-blowers, sightings and the classical UFO mythology:
Good or Bad Extraterrestrials are secretly doing something in our planet, etc. There are of course variations of these dogmas, and these variations are pseudo-scientific disciplines, channeling or the paranormal.
The second kind of Ufologist is the open one, the public, self proclaimed researcher, writer, lecturer and story-teller.
My hypothesis is that the open ufologist, the professional, is an individual who KNOWS that the war against skepticism or indifference is LOST already. It was lost from the beginning.
The professional understands that never will be such thing as a public contact or a disclosure. He knows that ETs, as angels, demons or gods, will never show, because they do not exist, and if they exist, cosmic distances will make any contact impossible.
So, the professional ufologist problem is just to keep people interested. Enough people to buy books and pay for lectures or lessons of Galactic Diplomacy (Sic.) with diploma included.
Now, if our intelligent professional knows that the battle is lost already, he or she fights for time. Time is for the professional ufologist of paramount importance. His enemies are not the psyops or the debunkers.  
Inevitably, some true-believers will have “faith” in the ET=UFO myth, but others will become aware that the whole thing is mythological, and that the promises of the Exopoliticians and other experts never happen.
Thus, intelligent professional ufologists must have some exit ready, because if their deluded clients see the simple truth, it will be time for these “experts” to find something else to do for a living.

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