Monday, March 10, 2014


After six decades of complete failure, the UFO fantasists have one and only one resource to make their followers believe that there is some substance in the so called UFO problem. It is the totally unjustified announce that soon there will be disclosure. Let me show you the trick of this fallacy. First of all, they talk as the existence of Extraterrestrial visitors as a fact. Considering that at least 95 % of all the UFO n sightings are identified as natural phenomena artifacts and hoaxes. (They never talk about this statistic,) this assurance is a maneuver of delusion. The suppression of information that denies their statements is obviously dishonest. Remember that keeping people interested is nothing but marketing.
Perhaps more important, if the cover up was remains alive and well after six decades, nothing justifies the insistence on a sudden disclosure. Of course I am totally convinced that anybody that makes a living thanks to the UFO legend knows perfectly well that there is no cover up and consequently, there will be no such disclosure. We
Recommend the reading of The Disclosure Myth as soon as possible.
In other words, UFO fantasists are not trying to demonstrate that these ET visitors exist. What they are doing is keeping the meme alive, simply because UFO fantasies sell books, even if you can read for free in the Internet everything that the armchair UFO researchers write. Internet research and reading will also give you information about HOAXES and misidentifications that the writers give as amazing UFO facts.

About this you should read what the British Magonia blog has to say about this book: Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel. A.D. After Disclosure. New Page Books, 2012.

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