Sunday, March 16, 2014


I will show you the characteristics of the UFO-ET business and why this industry is condemned by market laws.
Basically, those who make a living of this subculture must convince their clients that unidentified flying objects are extraterrestrial entities or artifacts. This was an easy task 60 years ago, because the idea was new, and “flying saucers “were a revelation and a novelty. Besides the UFO phenomenon was related to the cold war.
Even Adamski’s Venusians were believable for some people in those years.
Also, the first EXO-profiteers worked well with the possibility of a fast solution of the UFO enigma, presumably as a consequence of direct contact between these imaginary cosmic brothers that were better than us, and more intelligent. Basically the fantasy was that the extraterrestrials were here to save us from auto-destruction. The aliens were a blend of big brothers and gods.
But time goes by, and year after year, the “soon they will contact us” suggestion didn't happen.
UFO business was forced to do make some changes. Aliens were now legion, some good some bad, and the cover-up conspiracy theory kept UFO invisible but credible…for less and less individuals.
This is the basic problem faced by the UFO industry. Year after year, writing books and giving lectures about UFOs require more and more nonsense and more fiction sold as fact, but trivialization has a price to pay.
More nonsense and fictions will attract less and less clients.
The clients of nonsense and trivia will be the less informed individuals and the less informed and cultured folks are those who buy less books and have less money to pay lectures tickets.  
Truth is that those who believe in the UFO Psycho-social hypothesis know that the cover up and disclosure belong to the UFO ET mythology.

Intelligent EXO-fantasists also know this but remain silent. After all they are trying to sell their impoverished UFO mythology to less and less clients. 
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