Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ed Komarek and the UFO ET community.

In this interview, Ed Komarek tells us that the ufological environment is full of viral marketers, scammers and hoaxers, that discourage people new to the field.

For Ed Komarek, one of the three first Exopoliticians, the UFO/ET community and Exopolitics is full of people with agendas other than the truth. I used to try to expose them, but they would use their victims to counter attack me. 

About Alfred Webre,  Komarek says: “ I worked with Alfred

to found the field of Exopolitics and the Exopolitics Institute,

 but like all the other serious researchers I know, I can no 

longer work with Alfred because of credibility concerns.”

Ed is promoting his book “UFO, EXOPOLITICS and the NEW WORLD DISORDER.”

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