Monday, March 3, 2014

Richard Dolan's political and ufological fictions

Richard Dolan in the video included, plays his game between political and science fiction.
As usual he adapts his rhetoric to the listeners.
Individuals with little culture and bad informed would “learn” from Richard that UFO are crafts, solid non-human, perhaps extraterrestrial crafts. Of course Dolan cannot show a single piece of evidence about this statement.
More important perhaps, he tells us that the mysterious breakaway civilization that he imagines is in control of the real power, and the President is a puppet of the imaginary cabal.
Of course he keeps the taboo information: Richard Dolan doesn’t tell that 95 % of all UFO sightings are perfectly identified as natural phenomena of man-made artifacts. This is a good example of manipulation and elimination of those elements that are inconvenient for the UFO=ET mythologists.
Curiously in Dolan’s  fantasy, the non-human ufonauts have nothing to say and remain invisible an undetectable. This absent presence is absolutely incoherent (sorry about the oxymoron.).
Capitalism, corporate abuse, corruption, war, exploitation and ecological destruction are not the big problem. UFOs are.
What is Mr. Dolan doing here? Promotion of his books, of course.
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