Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Manipulation of Misinformation.

You will never read this in the books written by professional ufologists:
It is estimated that 95-98% of all sightings have straightforward explanations which include astronomical phenomena (meteors, planets or bright stars low in the sky), atmospheric phenomena (clouds, lightning in all its forms, mirages, and a host of effects which science hasn't even cataloged let alone understood), and man-made phenomena (aircraft, balloons, blimps, kites, etc.). The remaining fraction is largely attributable to a variety of psychological phenomena. Illusions and outright hoaxes constitute a small fraction of UFO reports.
UFO professionals find the solution for the absence of evidences: Conspiracy..!
Belief in alien visitations only can survive the total lack of evidences thanks to the conspiracy theory. Presumably the physical evidence of alien visitations is being kept from the general public by the governments the scientific establishment and the aliens themselves. This is important, since without a conspiracy theory, belief in alien visitations is simply untenable, because the absence of evidences. Even a credulous audience will, after some time, find the rhetoric of the self proclaimed experts unbelievable.
Popular Ufology consists entirely of claims, and it is only these claims that are available for study.
We cannot study the UFO itself because it is unidentified by definition and also a transitory phenomenon. Consequently, truth is that we have a mountain of claims about aliens and no physical evidence that aliens even exist. The tricky work of the professional ufologists is to make us believe the unbelievable and buy their books.
However this is a dangerous game.
Those who make a living selling misinformation are responsible. The insistence in conspiracies, secret governments and malevolent agents is poison in a paranoid personality.
We have already the tragic experience of a UFO cult that ended in mass suicide. Also we must consider the abusive manipulation of some “abductees” in the so called regressive hypnosis, which by the way, is not recognized as valid evidence by the justice.

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