Monday, December 24, 2012

The "Garden of the Forking Paths"

Let me go back to a paragraph I wrote yesterday about time travel.
“Time travel is the concept of moving backwards and/or forwards to different points in time, in a manner analogous to moving through space, and different from the normal "flow" of time to an earthbound observer. In this view, all points in time (including future times) "persist" in some way. “
Of course we must suppress the persistence of the future because events that didn’t happen yet cannot persist.
Now, let us see what happens if you go back in time to some of those events that do “persist” in some way.
Just try to get the CIA time machine and go back  to the moment in time and spaces when you meet the girl who would become latter your wife.
If you do this, either two girls will meet two boys, or you will see the event from outside...(outside from where???)
QUESTION: Now that you went back to the meeting event; there will be only one and the same event, or two different events?
Because, if it’s true that.”  In this view, all points in time "persist" in some way, your back in time event will also be there in the same time and space that the natural historic event.
However, if this is so, we will have at least two different historical developments, as in Jorge Luis Borges story, “The Garden of the Forking Paths”
The “logical” consequence of this will be that different historical developments will produce different realities, different worlds, and perhaps you will never come back to the present..!

Tomas Scolarici

Time Travel: a Refutation.

Time travel is the concept of moving backwards and/or forwards to different points in time, in a manner analogous to moving through space, and different from the normal "flow" of time to an earthbound observer. In this view, all points in time (including future times) "persist" in some way. Time travel has been a plot device in fiction since the 19th century. Traveling backwards in time has never been verified, presents enormous theoretic problems, and consequently is an impossibility.
A central problem with time travel to the past is the violation of causality; should an effect precede its cause, it would give rise to the possibility of a temporal paradox.
More, If Andy Basiago went back in time to Gettysburg once, he also went back infinite times. In fact he was in that time-place point before his own travel.
He was there jumping back in time before the existence of CIA time machine. This is impossible, of course.
In other words Basiago was going back in time before he was doing it, and this phenomenon repeats ad infinitum.
If there would be travel in time, history would not be an unchangeable constant, since any change made by a hypothetical time traveler would change completely our present times.
Time is a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and perhaps more important, Time is the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them.
A moment in time does not in any way remains in the past, waiting for us to “go” there. This idea is not only impossible but ridiculous.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

IMMANENCE: a real concrete answer.

Immanence solves most epistemological problems and gives a real, concrete answer to the rhetoric of nonsense, and to absurd mythologies.  
Immanence considers that there is no transcendent principle or external cause to the Universe, and the process of life production is contained in life itself. Simple as that
When we watch the Universe with total honesty, we can see clearly that there is no need of an external, transcendental cause for the universe, and that nothing is outside, simply because the Universe IS everything.
Transcendentalists not only invent gods and unnecessary external causes, but insist in creating superfluous entities that contradict the obvious.
So, transcendentalists suggest inexistent supernatural events and of course these events never happen just because nothing is supernatural.
Feel yourself comfortable IN the Universe and AS the Universe. Do not worry; because there is nothing outside…there is no outside. 

Truth and incoherent Narratives

The narrative is communication and presumably it tells us about something. However, the story is effective only if it is coherent and correlate with what is happening. It is more efficiently communicate with simplicity, but there is a point at which the extreme simplification starts to destroy the story. That’s why Exo-fantasists narratives cease to be real communication when these are self-contradictory, and in no way correlate with what is happening in the world. The stories told by self proclaimed contactees usually collapse because of its simplicity and incoherence. It’s irrational to believe that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization will come here to talk with us about New Age nonsense. We can read the same things in our books. It’s irrational also to believe that an individual can go back in time and exist before his own birth. Time and space do not play silly games. Of course it is totally irrational to believe that advanced extraterrestrials are in secret contact with our governments, since any advanced civilization impacts inevitably the less advanced one. (Think in the Spanish conquerors in America.) So, truth is that if the Exo-narratives are simplistic, incoherent and cannot be related with the real world, we must ask for clear and concrete evidences. Those who believe without evidences are into faith but not into knowledge. They must think twice before sending money to the Cosmic Charlatans.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fwd: Information concerning our activities.

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Date: Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 6:26 PM
Subject: Information concerning our activities.

Archons are in numbers of 1 million units or individuals.
We control both poles gates, particularly the southern gate.
We are active only in developed regions of this planet, and our activities are associated with the Qliphoth and the so called tunnels of Seth under control Qliphotic partial control.
There are of course some humans associated with us.
These Archons-Humans associations are activated only with those humans that are unconditionally loyal to us.
That loyalty is generously rewarded by us. Remember that these few associations must be voluntary.
Our operations however, take advantage of great number of unwillingly controlled individuals in the number of hundreds of thousands.
All this information is possible only because present times justify it.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

See the "kitsch" in action.

Alfred Webre & Andrew D. Basiago interview. "Two leaders of 12/18 ... OTHER WORLD RADIO Interview Alfred Webre & Andrew D. Basiago interview. " Two leaders of the Truth Movement look back at 2012. Topics: Developments in ... Definition of KITSCH : something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality

Fwd: We have nothing to do with your Banks.

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Date: Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 1:33 PM
Subject: We have nothing to do with your Banks.

Once again we are wrongly associated with the Banks that are nothing but a human creation and a very primitive one.
 A certain showman called David Ickes describes Archons as psychic vampires, and not satisfied with this stupidity, the guy makes us responsible for the greed and corruption of the capitalist system.
Read carefully:  we are not interested in your money. We do not trade or buy or sell, so your money is totally indifferent to us.
You can burn your banks if you want. We don't care.
After all, human economic and social systems are your own nightmare.



Friday, December 14, 2012

Critical Ufology

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Kitsch is a style of mass-produced art or design using cultural icons. The word is a loan word from the German word meaning "worthless."
The term is generally reserved for unsubstantial or gaudy works, or works that are calculated to have popular appeal.
The tastelessness of the kitsch style is produced by a verbal or graphical pompous rhetoric presented as a special knowledge of unsubstantial things or events. I think that an excellent illustration of kitsch Ufology is the graphic expositions of different extraterrestrial beings. Here we see bad taste and nonsense in action.
Different kinds of pseudo-science and new age mysticism are composed by recycled clich├ęs, which are some vivid depictions of abstractions and images that rely upon analogy or exaggeration for effect.
Classic ufological kitsch are the handsome Venusians of Adamski or the auto-proclamation of Richard Boylan as Councilor of Earth. Of course in this definition we cannot forget the Flying Saucers hanging from a string tied in the branches of a tree.
Of course, there are kitsch definitions and one of these is the so called Exopolitics defined as the study of the key individuals, political institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. Since we have no evidence about any extraterrestrial life, Exopolitics is a kitsch pseudo-science belonging to the pompous rhetoric of the ET=UFO fantasists.
By the way, in this short article we cannot forget a champion of modern kitsch talk: Andy Basiago and his jumps back in time and his adventures in Mars.

Billy Meier "extraterrestrial craft"

The hoax.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The existence of Ideas as cultural objects.

UFO-ET. fans talk and write about the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, Extraterrestrials and paranormal phenomena, but first we should try to find what existence is.
Existence in common usage, it is the world one is aware or conscious of through one's senses, and that persists independently in one's absence. Other definitions describe it as everything that 'is'.
That’s why cats, the Sun, the sea and the mountains exist. We can see these entities and tomorrow, we will see them again, since their existence is persistent independently of our senses.
However, when we talk about UFO, angels, ghosts or gods’ existence, we have some problems to solve.
Do these invisible, untouchable, unreliable things exist? No, not as things, but as ideas
The existence of some of these entities doesn’t seem to be independent of our mind. There are no evidences of their existence in the objective world, but this can be solved.
Extraterrestrial crafts, aliens, gods, angels, ghosts and demons exist as cultural elements, and if this is so, the polemics about existence or inexistence are meaningless.
For example, Dr. Carl Jung wrote in the 50’s a book about “Things that are seen in the sky”. For him, objective existence or inexistence of UFO has no importance, because he sees ancient and modern unidentified flying objects as Archetypes of the Collective Human Subconscious.
If we are honest with ourselves and have a rational mind, we investigate the impact of those cultural elements in individuals and societies.
On the contrary, if we are dishonest or have an irrational mind, we will insist on the objective existence of aliens, ghosts, gods or angels.
This hypothesis however, requires obvious, solid, believable, experimental evidence. Mythologists don’t have such evidence at all.
They are fantasists trying to make you believe in their rhetorical tricks.

Surfing The Apocalypse Network - TOMAS SCOLARICI VS EXO-ALF WEBRE

Conspiracy and Current Events News Forum

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Cover-Up Mythology

What I call the "cover-up Paradox" is a contribution to rational Ufology. First, let us consider the different kinds of possible Cover-ups. 1) The first model of cover-up is just the denial that those UFOs that resist any conventional explanation, are the evidence of some kind of advanced, non-human technology. The gov. doesn't want to recognize that the UFO Phenomenon cannot be stopped. The gov. would be forced to recognize his own VULNERABILITY. 2) The second model of cover-up is based on the idea that the gov, KNOWS who the Aliens are, and perhaps what they want. They will not recognize this knowledge. 3) The third cover-up model would be the complicity of the gov. with the Aliens, and includes some kind of hypothetic contact with the unwanted guests. 4) The fourth model suggests that the government is controlled by Aliens. The authorities perhaps even have knowledge of some Alien technology. We are then colonized by one or several Alien races. Where is the paradox? The Exos rhetoric always choose the last two models of Cover-up: Why? Just because the biggest cover-up will justify their paranoid rhetoric. The EXOS can tell us what they want, and any demand of Evidences will be denounced as disinformation, debunking, and provocation. The neo-cultists will protect their total lack of evidences in the shadow of an omnipotent cover-up. The paradox is that the Exos are protected by the same cover-up they denounce. Ergo, is possible to suggest that the EXOS are part of the cover-up. Their unsubstantiated claimings makes the UFO Phenomenon look ridiculous and keep the good, rational minds out of the inquiry. --

Ancient Books, Stones and Horror Fiction.

If you want to believe in nonsense, you can choose between thousands of different pseudo-scientific and mystic stupidities Nonsense: The Bible and other old books and carved stones, tell us when and how the world will end. Those who believe this, have a big problem. Humans knew more things in the past than now. If this is so, why they didn’t have vaccines? Nonsense: Prophets of old were inspired by God and revealed secrets and mysteries. If you have patience and like horror books and films, just read the so called Old Testament. (That was true horror fiction..!)

Remember...the Nothing Happens Syndrome will always win.

The new fantasy..,.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fwd: The TRUTH about ARCHONS

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Subject: The TRUTH about ARCHONS

So much talk about the archons shows misunderstanding and confusion.
Let's make it simple. Of course the archons know how to occupy individuals of both sexes.
But invasion is just the beginning, because in time, Archons become the possessed.
This process however is not traumatic. In fact the possessed ignores the truth.
She or he gradually becomes the archon without knowing this.
Because of this, if you destroy the occupier you also destroy the occupied.
Why? Because occupied and occupier are the same entity.



Thursday, December 6, 2012

NASA debunks the Doom Day theorists.

Musical Unidentified Flying Object

No it's not a typo. MUFO means Musical Unidentified Flying Object . Enjoy the news.

Michael Salla must be happy, dancing with Angelika in Paradise Island. New video captures enormous UFO hovering over Hawaii, broadcasting music This video was shot yesterday, capturing a UFO that several people saw over Hilo, Hawaii. It looks pretty cool, and the lights make it appear that there is a much larger ship ... See all stories on this topic:


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