Saturday, December 22, 2012

IMMANENCE: a real concrete answer.

Immanence solves most epistemological problems and gives a real, concrete answer to the rhetoric of nonsense, and to absurd mythologies.  
Immanence considers that there is no transcendent principle or external cause to the Universe, and the process of life production is contained in life itself. Simple as that
When we watch the Universe with total honesty, we can see clearly that there is no need of an external, transcendental cause for the universe, and that nothing is outside, simply because the Universe IS everything.
Transcendentalists not only invent gods and unnecessary external causes, but insist in creating superfluous entities that contradict the obvious.
So, transcendentalists suggest inexistent supernatural events and of course these events never happen just because nothing is supernatural.
Feel yourself comfortable IN the Universe and AS the Universe. Do not worry; because there is nothing outside…there is no outside. 
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