Saturday, December 22, 2012

Truth and incoherent Narratives

The narrative is communication and presumably it tells us about something. However, the story is effective only if it is coherent and correlate with what is happening. It is more efficiently communicate with simplicity, but there is a point at which the extreme simplification starts to destroy the story. That’s why Exo-fantasists narratives cease to be real communication when these are self-contradictory, and in no way correlate with what is happening in the world. The stories told by self proclaimed contactees usually collapse because of its simplicity and incoherence. It’s irrational to believe that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization will come here to talk with us about New Age nonsense. We can read the same things in our books. It’s irrational also to believe that an individual can go back in time and exist before his own birth. Time and space do not play silly games. Of course it is totally irrational to believe that advanced extraterrestrials are in secret contact with our governments, since any advanced civilization impacts inevitably the less advanced one. (Think in the Spanish conquerors in America.) So, truth is that if the Exo-narratives are simplistic, incoherent and cannot be related with the real world, we must ask for clear and concrete evidences. Those who believe without evidences are into faith but not into knowledge. They must think twice before sending money to the Cosmic Charlatans.
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