Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kevin Annett is committing multiple levels of criminal fraud against the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island and he in no way represents any of our Peoples – individually, or as representative of any of our Nations, here or in Canada.;wap2

After making myself knowledgeable about the activities of Kevin Annett, I am aware that he is perpetrating widescale and international fraud – financial, intellectual, academic, identity and cultural fraud.  In short, Kevin Annett is committing multiple levels of criminal fraud against the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island and he in no way represents any of our Peoples – individually, or as representative of any of our Nations, here or in Canada.  He therefore can in no way act on our behalf in any mock 'International Court or Tribunal' proceedings that have no legitimate bearings whatsoever, or ask any other individuals or Nations to act on our behalf in any capacity of Law, or Courts – or in any Legal or Cultural or Advisory manner. This includes the order to CEASE immediately further writings and publishing on the Internet, including any and all websites, or any other forms of press and media, including Radio, YouTube and other video or otherwise televised format.

I hereby order Kevin Annett and his conspirators as follows :  Alfred Webre, Bill Annett, Nell Cole, Russ Letica, Marcia Lane, Mel Ve, John Deegan, Lori or Carol O'Rourke and all other complicit participants to hereby CEASE AND DESIST FROM ALL INTERACTION AND ACTIVITY AND/OR ANY INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF NORTH AMERICA AND CANADA FOR ANY REASON OR PRETENSE.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Of course I believe..!

Of course I believe. I know the truth since I took the right pill and get out of Matrix.
My eyes are open and I know that the chrononauts Andy Basiago and Bernard Mendez are not only time jumpers but veteran beam-me-uppers.
As you know, CIA sent them to the past and the future and also to Mars. They told us that there are dinosaurs in Mars and Earth old colonies and Martians and Andy meet President Obama when he was a kid …yes the meeting was in Mars.
Thanks to these whistleblowers, we also know that Laura Eisenhower, the Cosmic Alchemist and Divine Female Incarnation, and Sophia of the Gnostics, was recruited for the bases on the Red Planet. (By the way, the galactic sources told me that Basiago is talking about a documental video that shows Christ crucifixion..!)
Let me tell you this : the biggest expert in Multiversal Legislation told me about the Pope’s ritual sacrifice of 800 Irish kids, and the multimillionaire George Soros was there, enjoying the genocide. The reliable source is Kevin Annette.
You will understand why the Government of the Universe put our planet in quarantine.
…It’s true, just read the books and posts of Alfred Webre, Dr. Michael Salla and Richard Dolan and you will learn a lot of these things. By the way, did you know that Prince Williams is the Antichrist?
Take your anti-matrix pill and be aware because any of these days Obama will go into disclosure. We cannot deny the presence of thousands of ET’s Aliens, Extra-dimensional entities, reptilians and ascended masters in our planet. This is a well known fact.

Some other day we will talk about the Chemtrails and the government poisoning this planet with absolute impunity..!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Confirmations of the psycho-social UFO hypothesis.

“Nasa is launching a spacecraft that strongly resembles a flying saucer. For more than half a century the distinctive shape has exerted a powerful grip over the popular imagination.
Fasten your space helmet and set your chrome-plated ray gun to "retro-futurist". There's a disc-shaped design classic hovering overhead.
From 1950s B-movies to latter-day pastiches, the flying saucer has served as visual shorthand for the gleaming, jet-propelled, post-war vision of the future.”Read More

Monday, June 9, 2014

The "galactic" big business.

This people have a web page called Galactic Connection. Yes. Very active and “compromised “this site. BY THE WAY, they SELL “galactic essences”(sic.) The price of these galactic essences’ is of $33.00 USD and there are different essences: Financial Alignment, Breaking the Chains, On top of your Game, Joyful Living and more…(Of course you think that I am joking, right? Well, no, take a look…go to after you read this.
Honestly, the UFO experts, Exopoliticians, disclosure activists, neo-scientists, cosmic alchemists, time travelers and contactees should learn from these “initiates” and future protagonists of The Event..!? (Mysterious music here please. Carmina Burana will do it.)
Oh, by the way, these people with galactic connections also sell other services…just take a look. They have Galactic wave technologies, healing products and removals of controlling matrix.
You must go there and see…you will find everything, including the good old Count Saint Germaine.

Addendum: I learned also that there are hundreds if not thousands of extraterrestrials and multidimensional between us, can you believe it? Do you need to buy some galactic essences and remove the controlling matrix to align your soul? 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Richard Dolan’s Tinfoil Hat.

It’s not difficult to criticize some UFO book, simply because each one of these is basically the same book, sometimes with with touches of the author imagination. 
However, what I say about the same book written again and again is perfectly explained  in the following words of Michael Schuyler review of the second volume of Richard Dolan’s “UFOs and the NationalSecurity State.” The first, subtitled “Chronology of a Cover-up, 1941-1973”. Schuyler wrote:
“This volume, as before, is chronological, year by year. Dolan presents some cases fromeach year, followed usually by political events, then an analysis of the UFO story in lightof those events. This is a very workable system because it has the effect of placing UFOs,the cover-up, and the politics of the day in context with each other. This was also particularly exciting for me because the time frame covered mirrors my own entry intoadulthood and serious involvement in studying the issue. I remember many of the caseswhen they happened. I have or have read many of the books he discusses (My library of UFO titles numbers about 300.) It was like a de ja vu all over again experience to read this volume.”
“There’s nothing we haven’t actually seen before. As we shall see, Dolan’s accounts come from previously published sources, most of them popular treatments. The history is readily available, and he is certainly not the first to suggest a cover-up of things related to UFOs or any other aspect of American or any government. Indeed, it is our familiarity with these topics that serves to give the book a certain appeal and grounding. “
Michael gives us the classical modus operandi of Dolan and most of the self proclaimed experts in Ufology. 
“Here you begin to see what Dolan’s modus operandi is with regards to his citations of hundreds of UFO events like the one cited above.
They come from the research of others. His is a tertiary role of compiling sightings from other authors on the subject. But when you look at the citations themselves, they often don’t have any references; they’re dead ends. So it looks like there is a documented, cited source for Dolan’s description when, in fact, there is no such thing.” READ MORE

The UFO-Conspiracy Industry sells fiction as fact and worst, sells the fiction others wrote. What can they write about a phenomenon who doesn’t exist? What can they tell us about sightings if 96 % of these are perfectly explained by natural phenomena and /or manmade artifacts?.
Truth is that there is nothing new in “ufology”. Only dead ends. Self proclaimed UFO experts know this but they have a compromise with the market, not with the TRUTH.

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