Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Of course I believe..!

Of course I believe. I know the truth since I took the right pill and get out of Matrix.
My eyes are open and I know that the chrononauts Andy Basiago and Bernard Mendez are not only time jumpers but veteran beam-me-uppers.
As you know, CIA sent them to the past and the future and also to Mars. They told us that there are dinosaurs in Mars and Earth old colonies and Martians and Andy meet President Obama when he was a kid …yes the meeting was in Mars.
Thanks to these whistleblowers, we also know that Laura Eisenhower, the Cosmic Alchemist and Divine Female Incarnation, and Sophia of the Gnostics, was recruited for the bases on the Red Planet. (By the way, the galactic sources told me that Basiago is talking about a documental video that shows Christ crucifixion..!)
Let me tell you this : the biggest expert in Multiversal Legislation told me about the Pope’s ritual sacrifice of 800 Irish kids, and the multimillionaire George Soros was there, enjoying the genocide. The reliable source is Kevin Annette.
You will understand why the Government of the Universe put our planet in quarantine.
…It’s true, just read the books and posts of Alfred Webre, Dr. Michael Salla and Richard Dolan and you will learn a lot of these things. By the way, did you know that Prince Williams is the Antichrist?
Take your anti-matrix pill and be aware because any of these days Obama will go into disclosure. We cannot deny the presence of thousands of ET’s Aliens, Extra-dimensional entities, reptilians and ascended masters in our planet. This is a well known fact.

Some other day we will talk about the Chemtrails and the government poisoning this planet with absolute impunity..!
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