Monday, June 9, 2014

The "galactic" big business.

This people have a web page called Galactic Connection. Yes. Very active and “compromised “this site. BY THE WAY, they SELL “galactic essences”(sic.) The price of these galactic essences’ is of $33.00 USD and there are different essences: Financial Alignment, Breaking the Chains, On top of your Game, Joyful Living and more…(Of course you think that I am joking, right? Well, no, take a look…go to after you read this.
Honestly, the UFO experts, Exopoliticians, disclosure activists, neo-scientists, cosmic alchemists, time travelers and contactees should learn from these “initiates” and future protagonists of The Event..!? (Mysterious music here please. Carmina Burana will do it.)
Oh, by the way, these people with galactic connections also sell other services…just take a look. They have Galactic wave technologies, healing products and removals of controlling matrix.
You must go there and see…you will find everything, including the good old Count Saint Germaine.

Addendum: I learned also that there are hundreds if not thousands of extraterrestrials and multidimensional between us, can you believe it? Do you need to buy some galactic essences and remove the controlling matrix to align your soul? 
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