Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aliens, go home.

Hunger, war, illness, poverty, suffering.
But we give thanks to our new "gods" , the Star Brothers, the Nice, Benevolent Aliens.
We recognize that they have the right to put us in quarantine.
Who gave them that right? I didn't, did you?
Andrew is nor far from Truth when he says that this planet is a "farm" for the good old aliens.
The submissive memes work.
Looks like People love self-flagellation...slavery, masters.
But I don't and neither YOU.
We are wasting time, demanding the end of the "cover-up".
Let us try something else. Let us try this:

Aliens go home.!

This is our planet, our world.

We will welcome those who love us and help us to fight poverty, exploitation, war, injustice, illness.

If they don't care, if they remain detached from us, talking as TV preachers, our message is this:

Aliens go Home.

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