Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Comment to Dr. Salla's EXAMINER

Exopolitics reaches the point of CERO value.
What you do when you read the titles of the market tabloids? You just smile.
I think that Exos do not even try to make things BELIEVABLE.
They are in the Entertainment Business, and they recognize this.
But...(here is the point.) Thanks to this mass of total absurdities, the whole UFO phenomenon looks absurd, and it is NOT.
That is why the best friends of the Cover Up are the Exopoliticians.



Monday, September 28, 2009

A warning to the community – Exopolitics supporters spinning the ET phenomena

I have been aware of Webre's philosophy regarding the extraterrestrial presence for a while now, but I didn't know when he would finally come out and spread this disinformation. It seems that today was the day for the Spin. One day he is all about Peace in Space and then the next day he speaks about unethical extraterrestrials.

It is important for people to not been dragged into this nonsense, keeping their mind clear and understand really what is going on. There is a load of disinformation been spread about the motivations of our space brothers. We understand now that the UFO subculture has been heavily infiltrated by rogue elements and people like Salla and Webre have been misguided either intentionally or not.

Webre will take every news worthy subject and spin it to go in line with his agenda.( READ MORE)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is Critical Ufology?

The UFO phenomenon is REAL.
Probably UFOs are the greatest challenge of all times for Humanity.
The UFO phenomenon is IMPORTANT.
That is why Ufology cannot remain in the hands of Disinformers, New Agers, Egomaniacs, Paranoids, Hoaxers, Con Men and Charlatans.
CRITICAL UFOLOGY is Rational Ufology.
Critical Ufologists demand EVIDENCES.
When someone in the Exopolitical, Exobiological Circus makes a statement, we ask for EVIDENCES.
This is of course more important when the Charlatans are also profiteers and try to sell the absurdities of their unreliable and unknown sources.
The Exofantasists are against Ufological Research.
We, Critical Ufologists, want serious recognition of the UFO Phenomenon and real scientific investigation of this UFO Phenomenon.


James Black


Saturday, September 26, 2009


By Budd Hopkins

After decades of dealing with debunkers' attacks upon anyone reporting UFO abductions, I am still amazed at the ill-informed and often cruel nature of these published assaults. I am not referring here to diatribes against investigators like myself, because, as Harry Truman pointed out, to be in the kitchen involves a certain amount of heat. Instead, I mean attacks against the abductees themselves, the innocent men, women and children who have dared to report their suspicions of ongoing UFO experiences.(read more)     


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dr. Boylan and the "Glorious defeat" of the Cabal Vaccine Conspiracy.

The big problem we must solve here is this:
Shall we consider Boylan a paranoid or just a charlatan?
Will people "buy" the Snake Oil of the Councilor of Earth?
Please read his following message.

From: DrBoylan <drboylan@sbcglobal.net>
To: UFOFacts@yahoogroups.com; DrRichBoylanReports@yahoogroups.com; StarKidsHangout@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 12:46:51 PM
Subject: [UFOFacts] Cabal masters begin their (now-pointless) plans to inject the world population

    The Cabal masters begin their (now-pointless) plans to inject the world population.
    AFP, Agence France-Presse international news service on Monday, September 21 reported:
"BEIJING — China kicked off mass vaccinations for swine flu Monday in Beijing, making it apparently the first nation in the world to start inoculating its population against the virus.
"The Asian giant has been at the forefront of international efforts to produce an A(H1N1) influenza vaccine, with at least five companies receiving government approval for the work. Officials however have warned demand will exceed supply."The capital's municipal health bureau announced Monday in a statement on its website that Beijing "took the lead in China in starting A(H1N1) flu vaccinations" .
"We believe that China is the first country in the world to start mass vaccinations for A(H1N1) flu," Vivian Tan, spokeswoman for the [UN] World Health Organisation in China, told AFP.
"Australia is to start a mass adult immunization programme on September 30, while the United States has bought 195 million doses of swine flu vaccine and will make shots available next month.
"Britain, meanwhile, has received a first batch of 100,000 doses of swine flu vaccine, which could be approved for public distribution by early October."
    Since our September 11th Joint Psychic Exercise neutralized the dangerous bioengineered genetics within the H1N1 vaccine, the "vaccine" will no longer serve as a "trigger" when the inoculated person later catches the next-generation Cabal-bioengineered more virulent H1N1 flu to be released early in 2010. Thus the combination of H1N1 vaccination and new flu will no longer automatically kill the recipient.
    Nevertheless, Star Nations advises against getting vaccinated with even the neutralized H1N1 vaccine, because left-over components could combine with pollutants from the environment to cause a harmful reaction.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wendy Powers Confirms CRISIS in Dr. Boylan's UFO Sect.

First, thank you again for your concern and your love.  Love is truly the answer to every question.  Second, yes, you are just fine without me!  :-)   I say this with humor but honesty.  The fact is that Star Nations does not invest in missions where one person's failure or success make or break situations.  Asheoma taught me that lesson and it is truth.  The way they work is that there are many parts to everything they work.  If one part fails, there ARE other parts to step into place.  And all the parts are valuable and share in the karma of success for the mission. 
Sometimes people may spend their whole lives waiting for something... they are not sure what it is, but there is a sense of needing to be prepared.  Then they may pass into the next life "without every doing anything" (in their own eyes).   The truth though is that they might have been a backup for something else being done.  If they had been needed, they would have stepped up to the plate.  And somewhere along the path that person has a backup as well.  They might even be backup for many different missions.  Or they might be needed for only a short time to step in and do what is needed.
This is the way Star Nations works on a daily level.  This is a very good and healthy way of service.  And thank Source for those who do stand in the wing - ready and able to take the lead if they are needed.  Those people are the ones who actually make it possible for Star Nations to get anything done at all.  And with the way the cabal works, the Star Nations has tons of Star Seeds in these standby roles or in service for very select missions which may only take a few days or a few years to do.  If you are such a person, you serve and accomplish what you may never touch or understand in this Human form.  But you serve and Source knows and the "credit" for the missions accomplished are yours as much as they are the hands that are honored to do the work.
My hands were just the ones that had the honor of service for what Asheoma had to do.  And yes, Asheoma told me there were several others who were indeed born with a Star Being Watcher who was a witness who could have done the same job if our team failed.  And yes, there were others who were capable of being the Councillor of Earth if our Councillor Doctor Boylan had been defeated by the Cabal.   LOL - like they stood a chance!  Anyway... my point is to remind others of the true way the Star Nations works.  And even so, the Star Nations knew I would need to go through a time of healing after Asheoma was done with his part.  They had Star Sister Fran ready and willing for her invaluable service.  She has stepped up and our Councillor of Earth has not missed a beat on his daily and usually hourly defense of Star Nations and service to Earth.  (( Yes, there is much that goes on behind the scenes that could NEVER be put onto a public format because of the delicate nature of those items.  It is not to hide anything from others, and Councillor Boylan shares when he is able to do so. ))  So now it is time to heal. 
I said I would share my healing, and so I will.  For those who may not know of the years of dialogue on Doctor Boylan's group, I will summarize.  Please do not at this time ask me to go into details.  I have shared countless examples and details in the past - and they are only shared on this group.  So if you want to know those details, just take a stroll through the archives.  So this is going to be a black and white summary.  I call it that because I am working through releasing the emotional attachment for many of these details.  So I am focusing on facts.  If I sound detached, it is intentional from this end. 
   A year ago, Asheoma had me ask Source for a healer who would be a Star Seed and who would be able to understand what most in the mental health profession would not be able to grasp.  This was granted and I believe I am in the very best professional care I could be under.  In fact, it is known to us that the Thunderbird is the symbol for the Star Nations.  And Two Thunderbirds, well that has a very special meaning to some of us :-)  This healer I have now actually had two thunderbirds perch themselves right outside of his former office in another area of town.  Asheoma knew I had to have a healer in my area due to my own reasons.  The two thunderbirds showed up right before the healer made a move into the area where he was needed.  Now I am not saying that move was just for me... not at all.  But I was his first client at his new location.   What I can say is that Star Nations has a very deep commitment to those who serve in light and love.  And for them to make this match - well I think the sign of the Two Thunderbirds perched on those columns and looking at this Healer - well I think that was Star Nations way of saying "We do care."
The basic facts of what is going on with me is this:
1)  Cabal early "training" of me began with a first trauma personality split while I was in my last life in Vietnam.  I have only recently figured out this key item. 
2)  Asheoma and the Star Nations asked me to serve by allowing Asheoma to join with my energy system for this life.  They knew what had been done to me and advised that I would go through much more at the hands of the cabal.  They said that I would be able to have Asheoma to help in teaching me the Star Nations ways if I allowed this partnership.  As I would have been in Cabal hands regardless of my choice, I said yes to Star Nations offer.  And I thank them for that help as I would not be able to work in light at all if they had not done what they did.  
3)  I was not the only one who was abused by Cabal in this way.  They had a project in Vietnam to track the souls of soldiers who had been killed by friendly fire.  The soldiers were targeted in their next life and began training right away.  In my case, I was raped at the age of 2 1/2.  This initial trauma resulted in the disassociation that they had prepared me for in the last life.  Abuse continued until the age of 10. 
4) Personal cabal "training" was done to me in order to form me into one of their slaves.  With the help of Asheoma, I was able to fight this systematic brain washing and maintain enough distance and self identity that I was not lost to the system - as I know many were. 
5)  I was told in college by a counselor that he thought I had multiple personality disorder.  However, he insisted that Asheoma was one of my alternate personalities.  I spend many years in consultation with him, but he never understood the difference between who Asheoma was and who the true alternate personalities were within my "system."
6)  After Asheoma left my body, he told me I would need to "clean house" for myself.  It was very painful to have Asheoma leave.  He had been a rock to me and a voice of reason in a very chaotic mind.  That is why he knew he had to leave.  The cabal had taken a soul and shattered it intentionally.  It was not right.  It was not fair.  But regardless, it would have been done anyway even if Star Nations had not asked me to help.  Thankfully, I did get the help of Star Nations and so I owed it to Star Nations to do the hard work of healing... and furthermore to openly share what is deeply personal and could be very embarrassing to share.  I do it because I owe Asheoma to tell the truth about this.  It is NOT about my healing.  It is about what Cabal did to a Human.  And it is about the love of the Star Nations to step in and help Humans overcome the cabal.  And it is about the fact that Star Nations does not just up and leave someone who helps them out...   I might have thought that was what happened to me when Asheoma left... but that is not the truth.    
7)  I do have Dissociative Identity Disorder.   Asheoma was NOT an alternate personality.  Asheoma is a Star Being and talks to many other people - and shows up from time to time as a blue light.  Asheoma is full of love and one of the most wonderful friends I have ever known in any life.  My alternate personalities are me and I know that.  But thanks to Cabal, I was shattered into a few different pieces.  Thankfully, the healing work Asheoma helped me with for the 8 yrs of college time allowed me to function as a productive member of society. 
8)  After Asheoma left, I was forced to deal with certain parts of my own personality which were the most damaged by the Cabal.  In the past years, as stress came up, Asheoma was always there to coach me through the challenges.  With the challenges of the past two years, I have had to rely on remembering what Asheoma said... and I wish I had been a better student at times!  But this is exactly what I needed to do, and Asheoma knew that.  The only way for me to heal my broken soul is for me to do the work I am doing now.
It is not easy work.  It is very painful at times.  And I have many more hours ahead of me when I will not want to do this work.  It is the same as someone who has been in a car wreck.... except others don't always see the broken bones inside the kids damaged by the cabal.   It was not my fault that I was broken.  I did nothing wrong that resulted in my personality splitting.  Just as it may not be the fault of someone who is in a wreck.  But I have a goal...  And although stretching the damaged muscles may hurt, I have the best mental health therapist for the job.  Star Nations saw to that!  And I have taken my healing into my own hands.    I will dance again one day soon....  as one healthy mind and a healed and WHOLE soul.
With love to you all,


Monday, September 21, 2009

Basiago, Martians and Exopolitics as Disinformation.

If we read carefully any text, we will find that a simple word or the lack of it, changes totally our perception and understanding.

Let me show you something.

As we all know, Andrew Basiago, a lawyer and amateur scientist, proclaimed the discovery of Intelligent Life in Mars. How? Just watching some photos of Mars and seeing cities, roads and people in the red planet. Of course, NASA denied this and the whole story looks like a conflict between NASA and Basiago, just a local, perhaps controllable conflict.

However we are reading wrong.

IF Basiago is right, and there is people in Mars, THEN, the whole world scientific community  is telling lies in what looks like the biggest conspiracy of all times.

Hundreds of thousands of astronomers, astrophysics, Universities, Observatories, including the Hubble are keeping the secret.

But to keep such secret, some kind of universal shadow government would be necessary.

The cost of the cover-up would be incalculable and the Shadow International Regime should keep thousands of Scientifics in subterranean concentration camps or just kill them.

All this monstrous repressive system to keep us in the Ignorance about life in Mars.?

Of course any normal person knows that this is impossible. To imply that hundreds of thousands of scientists, journalists, students, are forced to keep their mouth shut is the greatest absurdity of all times.

Basiago and Webre are just silly people believing these stupidities? NO.

The total absurdity of what they say is planted to make the whole UFO mystery ridiculed and derided.

The Basiago "discovery "of Intelligent Life in Mars is nothing but DISINFORMATION.

Alfred Webre wrote in the Examiner about Basiago, and about two journalists who were "teleported" to Mars.

Just do some Google. Look at the academic and professional background of Webre and tell me if it is possible for him to believe seriously in what he is writing.


James Black



Reality Creation, Social Darwinism & Exopolitics

Andrew Hennessey IMPORTANT contribution.

  Reality Creation, Social Darwinism and Exopolitics

Andrew Hennessey

Dr Salla writes and politically asserts;
… As analysis of this perspective pointed out earlier, intrusiveness can be distinguished from hostility or aggression. There is little evidence that the gray ETs have displayed hostility or aggression to either military forces or the civilian population. …

On the contrary there is abundant evidence that gray ETs are patently hostile, and malevolent and demonic. [Schroeder, [demonic alien brutality], Jewels and family [alien brutality], Streiber (stripping of military personnel minds in the log cabin), Kerner, Woods [accosted family], Hopkins & Jacobs, [Intruders Foundation], Schneider [battle], Hennessey [predatory high strangeness], Moncoeur, [replacement research], Mack (deceased – hit on a major city sidewalk by some probable hivehead driving a car who allegedly could not identify a public road) etc etc and historically as fearful beings, offerings were made to appease them in previous centuries e.g. British Calendar Customs, M Banks, vol 1-3, 1937

Dr Salla though goes further by incorporating the idea that we get the aliens that we deserve. He didn't come out the cupboard to say he was openly endorsing reality creation – rather he lets an army of santas little helpers on his controlled list p4c lead us up the merry trail to meet the allegedly ascended (reptilian/nephilim) masters mentioned in Josephus' History of the Jews (under fallen angels) The same masters of Oruborus and Ragnarok and Naga and the Anunnaki serpent of Theosophy and its 5th hermaphroditic Aryan root race)
Somehow these glowing inter-dimensional Reptilian troublemakers have been lumped into the same category of Celestial benign angels that come from heavenly realms of full life and abundant energy, love and civilisation e.g. Salla is alleging sleazy soul-feeding Reptilians promoting emptiness and hunger of the sort I have heard about attacking families at night are Celestials of the same morality and disposition of the Angels mentioned in the Acts of Paul for example who are filled with the utter fullness of God. [and who can get us out of here]

Dr Salla infers by adhering to the illusion of a human social order that we get the aliens and reality that us old ways and old dying out aggressive biosphere-polluting human species deserve. But then that is surely Repto spin because humans do not run this malignant Disneyland. e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd_Y7nO_8IQ
Salla though cannot find any strong argument for a Reptilian or Grey status quo with its artifically driven cataclysms, instead the scapegoat for our planetary disease is the Boylan and Greer vision of bad human government – and no doubt we were collectively responsible for voting them in in our democracies. Salla cannot or will not see the horned hands at leader speeches in the media.
Salla though intends to hide under the stone of reality creation – where the victims create their own darkness and then get what they deserve.

If he does that he has to find a way of doing it that can explain the sicknesses in the world and still be politically correct and squeaky clean – and ultimately if we look at Africa and the far East and start going on about inferior souls getting what they deserve – then we deserve to be labelled as a eugenicist of nazi persuasion.
The corporations making the massive profits out of all the alien biolabs and harvesting and human processing do not care about Sallas career – for them they just get their army of santas helpers to locate alien lists on the internet and start spouting that victims of alien torment got what was coming to them because their souls deserved it.

This is only so that there isn't a collective public will to sue complicit agencies of government and certain high tek industries that allegedly fiscally benefited from the alien technological innovations. obtained from alleged alien treaties. Those would be industrial monies often literally derived from public blood.
The main theme of the psycho reality creation idea used to influence public opinion away from the evil alien complaints is that we are endlessly empowered and endlessly free and endlessly powerful – and yes moving mountains with assistance is also mentioned in the gospels.
If we want good therefore we get good and if we want bad we get bad.
Bad things only happen to bad people goes the rhetoric.
This however is planet earth, probably a deliberately retarded soul farm – and the playing field as far as the liberty of consciousness goes is definitely Not level. The Reptilians and Greys have got the drop on us all in this time-space before we get out of bed in the morning.

Once we get clear of the amnesia machines and their ECT-like blanking and get clear of the matrix-like network of beings and droids at the bottom of our frequency pit here – then we can relax and start think-creating. However, here, like it or not – we are in a totally hostile telepathic and anti-magical probably very hitek hive environment.
One of the allegedly most powerful reality-creation mages in Elizabethan times was Dr John Dee – and his drawings of his assistants were like modern drawings of Greys. Its likely therefore that he wasn't as individually powerful as he thought he was.
I know for a fact that the thousands of people lecturing us on love and light and reality creation have chosen either to not think-create a better reality for the victims of Africa or are morally bankrupt – or are locked in a delusional matrix state. If the world has all these alleged massively empowered people - they are therefore being very selfish and anti-human or have taken leave of their rational minds and or their humanity.
Is this where Dr Salla is going to go in a public forum ? reality creation ? more like unreality creation … which as we all know is the hallmark of most exopolitical activity.
Another exo smokescreen is the accusation that an evil cabal is deliberately demonising aliens because it wants to profit from petroleum economies.

There is no economic truth in this as these industries could simply buy the franchise and monopoly for free energy infrastructure outright. The harder truth is that all these primitive industrial afflictions could be quite deliberate not for economic reasons but that the global suffering driven by retarded technology and science are necessary for the creation of life force stressors in soul farming and soul harvesting.

Nor indeed have our alleged galactic starbrothers who are obviously overflying yet openly supplied an African village with famine relief.
However if this depiction is the true status quo on Earth then one would have to travel very far to get beyond the Repto-Grey vampire stock fences even in this cluster of galaxies.

The excuse for starbruther non-intervention, I hear is that its up to us human reality creators to change things for ourselves before our elder galactic brothers and sisters appear and let us join in with the other Repto-Grey food supplier races in the galaxy stockyards.
We keep hearing of thousands and thousands of gifted reality creators and starbrothers here on Earth and not one has yet helped even Africa out ? Doesn't sound good does it. Not one industrial formula, or set of lotto numbers, or healed lake, or transformed industrial lagoon, or successful flight through the air, or teleportation or manufacture of money out of thin air, or food out of thin air, or healing the blind, the lame or indeed themselves. Not one god to be has lifted an ocean liner through a canal to help it on its way – or an ambulance out of a traffic jam – but there are allegedly thousands and thousands of massively empowered people that are potentially legends in any lunchtime anywhere at a moments notice.
In their mindset – young kids in African villages eating dust and sugar and water as a pancake are asking for it.
We must make sure that the madness of reality creation on Earth – even if it were true as a process – which even the gospels indicate can be though with assistance from the Holy Spirit – we must make sure that the over riding insanity and evil dreams and events created and materialised in this world – by the successful dark reality creators – do not infect and disease our minds and the minds of those who politically represent us.
The only other alternative is that reality-creators at least here on alien-controlled Earth tend to be delusional and not centered in their rational minds.

There is a veritable and somewhat zealous army of internet experts, usually anonymous and faceless identities who suddenly appear from where they have been lurking on your netlist and come out and openly rubbish anyone complaining of alien abuse and of having been traumatised by aliens.
They tell us that all of the alien abuse is our own fault – that we were asking for it – that we deserved it and that our inferior and spiritually base soul is merely attracting to it what it truly deep down wants and deserves.

They say it's the law of attraction – like attracts like..

If an entire army of earth-based reality creators cannot, and choose not to use their massive powers to recreate Africa in an image of love ..
whats the point in thinking that the philosophy of reality creation as it is currently practised by these allegedly immensely empowered people here on Earth has anything to do with the realm of Light ?
If its true its [empirically] an evil anti-social and anti-human disease.
If its not true it's a psychosis called Omnipotence of Thought.

The last refuge of the alien whitewasher and apologist is that everyone is totally free to do what they want. That everyone has a fair and free choice on this alleged level playing field.
The problem inherent in many of the New Age and exopolitica ascension ideologies is that they are patently anarchic and anti-democratic.
They also seem to be upholding the rhetoric of alien conquest.
These ascension harvests to be are based on the liberation of feelings and euphoria and juicy life force amongst mankind and employ the entire glossary of love and light and every benevolent word, yet some portray the victims of disease and even alien targeting as having self inflicted ills.

The final argument against Reality Creation is that it is Anarchic,
In this strange illuminati and somewhat alien new age world – there are NO VICTIMS, no injustices, the weak did what they willed and they willed to be victims and those who therefore follow the illuminati law of Thelema (from Crowleigh) did what they wilt and it was all of their law. They just happened to do it to the weak because they could and the weak by allowing it were therefore creating their own reality. This is anarchic.
They would say that if the planet blew up and only the top half of the planet survived – those on the top half deserved to be there .. etc
Our shared reality and we share it with these self made alleged gods of reality creation is a reality that belongs to those who agreed to stay in it.
On the contrary, in this reality however, we agree to abide by the laws and the rules.
We all agree to be part of a Society and that Society has Rules and Laws and Justice and Injustice that can be legitimately addressed.
If somebody, some alien, then decides to recreate our own personal reality because they claim to be more loving or on a higher frequency than us and they can do what they want .. we should be wary of these beings imposing on us. There should be some legal redress for the victims of reality IMPOSITION as well as reality creation.
In my opinion Social Realities should be created and recreated but NOT illegitimately imposed.
To illustrate my position that the pro-alien soul doing what it wants in a social context is an uncacceptably anarchic idea in exopolitics I posit an analogy. I illustrate the soul doing what it wants idea in terms of a social analogy on the freeway. I say that any soul at any vibrational rate and whatever the reality we all live in - all share the same temporal and social freeway. It follows I suggest from that that it would not be good if everybody made up their own freeway rules to suit themselves ...
If some bunch of aliens asserted that to us - we would know that they weren't socially responsible to humanity.
If we believe reality creation then we give or concede the most powerful aliens permission to recreate our own reality imposing theirs on us - for those who can according to their variously stated ideologies, will and do without recourse to legitimacy in society.
This Ascension speak tends therefore to be the rhetoric of the Alien Invader. If powerful aliens did what they want and got away with it because they were strong and no-one could stop them - then the doctrine of reality creation is a doctrine that would justify their ideologies and social intrusion.

Not everyone that drives on a freeway is of the same mind or vibrational rate - but we all share the freeway.
Even those of differing vibrational rates must adhere to the rules of our social and temporal freeway.
There are laws that govern transactions and processes on an ecumenical freeway regardless of the alleged illumination or frequency of the beings on it - do we surrender our capacity to drive safely to those aliens that choose to do what they will to us ?

There is therefore clear evidence amongst the exopolitica groups of the rhetoric of alien incursion, anarchy and unaccountability. Which is ok from the point of view of an alien invader, but not from my point of view. Exopolitica therefore, has so far failed in my opinion, to produce a credible pro-human point of view for human and alien integration.
Aliens recreating our own reality because they can would be less of an IMPOSITION if they showed respect, love and charity towards the true owners of this planet, Humanity.
In conclusion therefore, reality-creation is not creating any good, healthy pro-human reality and indeed is a patently anarchic and anti-social process as evidently practised whose central belief system is contrary to any kind of nurturing human politics and promotes instead a form of Social Darwinism.
Exopolitics, in siding with the line of corporate apologism and corporate whitewash of reported and witnessed alien aggression, and by embracing realty creation shows itself to have an anti-human disposition.
Andrew Hennessey



Andrew Hennessey

There are currently 2 strong themes in Exopolitics.

1. the angelification of devils[reptos] and demons [greys]
2. cognitive dissonance and ideological contradiction

There are some weaker themes

1. unfocussed decentralisation, splintering and deregulation (involution)
2. Social Darwinism and reality creation
3. culture of human blame
4. lack of political tool use e.g. demographics
5. loss of scientific rigour e.g. introduction of gnostic sexual politics
6. neologism production line e.g. exothisthatandother
7. general non-recognition of non-human status quo


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Andrew Hennessey' s Theory of Alien Vampirization.

Andrew Hennessey' s Theory of Alien Vampirization. 

A Psychic Vampire Feeding Strategy
A proposed model of Life force parasitism on Earth – a false empathy attack
Andrew Hennessey

In a thousand realities we cannot see with the human eye in depleted paranormal ecosytems of various underworlds and some overworlds – life continues after a fashion – but needing to eat.
There is a twilight realm intermingling with our own; full of alien machinery out of phase, full of hierarchies of strange orbs and flying creatures looking we can photograph above our heads oceanic life as if we were at the bottom of a sea.
Indeed we are – for matter is at the lower end of the energy spectrum whilst various creatures flit between its island dimensions – some in ships and technology, others anchored in hosts and hosted beings – and some of these creatures have no need of technology, or software or artefacts.
In all cases their ruling imperative is their hunger – their need to feed – for cut off from the Source – they can do nothing – except specialise in feeding so that they do not die.
Many invest in hives and hive technology, and predate on other social organisations, [Greys] many though are just basic solo feeders in a loose hierarchy governed by the strongest predator. [Reptilians]
At the level of large megapopulation organisations of these beings – their need to feed would be somewhat similar to the model of ancient Rome which had to farm and exploit and enslave and assimilate and govern an ever increasing periphery and had an ever increasing territorial search and perimeter and competition for resources.

Unlike Rome though that needed grain and water and materials, abd physical slaves, these Vampiric organisations need captives, hitek and souls and organised soul farms and soul feeding stations - and an eternal war to supply it all.
Soul farming would need technology and also planets such as Earth – set up with dysfunctional genetics and retarded and dysfunctional societies and technologies so that the captives are being regularly milked and bled. Preferably amnesia technologies would be deployed to maintain the level of handicapping and disorientation in the cattle/prisoners.

The Reptilians and the Greys who operate the matrix technology here like to keep us asleep and or in attrition – and often our best coping mechanism that deals with our artificially imposed failures and artificial distress that tears us unjustly away from all the good things that we have been doing is to just walk-away from our prior investments before it all bleeds us too much.
These things we discard though are often hard won investments and its often hard not to throw good life force after bad, i.e. regrets and also good money after bad etc.

The demonic reality acquires your previously discarded ideas that were so painful or inappropriate that you decided to abandon them. When you disassociated from them, earlier in your life, it telepathically picks those discarded ideological structures up and, as part of an empathic feeding strategy designed to elicit a surge of your life force, re-presents them at you/to you as if the effects of their presence had originated from a wish within yourself at this moment in the now. The presence of such memories though is often artificial and only a demonic/matrix impersonation of things that were yours. The demon/devil drives the imagery and the associations and previously discarded and contaminated ideas at you to provoke a disturbance in your life force for no reason more complex than a simple parasitic mechanism. To us though these issues definitely are complex structures but to multidimensional life forms such as these alien parasites – they are probably recognised simply as colour structures or thought forms – like bits of discarded litter in the paranormal energy jungle.[e.g. Immanuel Swedenborg and CW Leadbeater wrote of this paranormal ecosystem] If these evil parasites get close to you in moments of impersonated and stolen empathy they can simultaneously manipulate e.g. your tear response, your physiology etc as if the pain or trauma issues were actually now your own, even to the point of simulating a partial, pseudo. trauma-reaction to these issues within its prey.
In doing this mimicry it seeks to disorientate you, to hook into any regrets and outrages. The devil tries to establish a sympathetic link and agreement with your life that this simulation is actually yours in origin and that the once discarded psychological and spiritual processes represented within are in need of resupply or refreshment. It then bleeds your life force once you buy back and then refurbish your previously discarded dream.
The simulation of these discarded thought processes that represent discarded life force investments is similar to someone finding a recent credit card and wallet and then trawling through your personal phone book to assess your most appropriate and relevant friend and then use their phone number as a pin for your card as a way to clean you out.
It is life force mining by devils/demons, i.e. reptilians and greys

Andrew Hennessey

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The Failure of Reality Creation, by Andrew Hennessey

I think that rational Ufology should set out a stance on this psycho and abusive ideology - it is the last retreat of people like Salla

I know for a fact that the thousands of people lecturing us on love and light and reality creation have chosen not to think-create a better reality for the victims of Africa. If the world has all these alleged massively empowerd people - they are therefore very selfish and anti-human. 

Nor indeed have our alleged galactic starbrothers obviously overflying openly supplied an african village with famine relief.
The excuse for that I hear is that its up to us to change things before they interfere.
but if an entire army of earth-based reality creators cannot and choose not to use their massive powers to recreate africa in an image of love ..
whats the point in thinking that the philosophy of reality creation as it is currently pracised by these allegedly immensely empowered people here on Earth has anything to do with the realm of Light ?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Message from the Cabal: Show EVIDENCES, please.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <cabal-voice@nyms.net>
Date: Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 8:37 PM
Subject: Show EVIDENCES, please.
To: sadhanusari@gmail.com

Dear Friends

The idea that the so called Cabal is against Dr. Boylan Joint Psychic Exercises is absolutely FALSE.
We have nothing against these practices.
This accusation demands EVIDENCES and nobody, absolutely nobody can give that evidences against us.
Several members of  Boylan's   group complain about depression and even wounds in arms or legs.
Even Dr.Boylan himself wrote that some kind of cartilaginous extraterrestrial Entity was responsible for those wounds.
The mythology of an aggressive Cabal is false, and again we demand some rational, concrete proof of this accusation.
An old proverb says that "Men are slaves of their words, and Masters of their Silence."
Of course we know that in the mythological world of the contactees, gurus, self-proclaimed councilors, there are never evidences.
Those responsible for these fictions demand "faith" from their followers, but Faith is excellent for Religion but not for Science.
Cabal Voice





Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is Boylan at his "best": Unbelievable, right?

Dr. Boylan writes this:


This response is delayed because of my absence in travel to/from the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
I'd like to share with you a few impressions from Friday's Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) to neutralize the Cabal's tainted H1N1 "vaccines".
First, speaking personally, I was in the boarding area of Sacramento Airport awaiting my plane to PA to be called. Yet it was still possible to concentrate amid the noise and go in mental/astral travel around the globe to deal with H1N1 vaccine stockpiles and manufacturing production lines in various locations.
Since my objective was to target the harmful part of the DNA in the vaccine which would set up the person vaccinated to be later killed by the second-wave H1N1 Flu emerging over the next number of months, I went in out-of-body travel to each known location as well as to the not-named installations and medical facilities, and directed focused psychic telekinetic energy to take apart the DNA strands at the molecular level. Disintegrating them. As I "saw" the thousands of yards of vaccine stockpiles I became more upset with Cabal heartlessness. I must confess I then added to molecular disintegration a general energy push to cause the boxes to burst their contents. It should make for a hell of a toxic hazard clean-up mess for los Cabalistas. Not to mention a financial blow as all the hundreds of millions in research and development costs and billions in production costs globally will now have to be borne by those Cabal corporations.
I felt some general accompaniment in the zones of action, but in a noisy airport it was hard to discern the exact nature of the other participants and the "flavor" of their energy use.
It was fortunate that one of our team, June, "saw" that the Cabal had sequestered a supply of tainted vaccine and their new H1N1 virus in orbit in a cylinder. She addressed the contents of that cylinder with effective action. The now-neutralized bio-products inside that cylinder are now useless to the Cabal.
One participant who works in a hospital Emergency Room said that she and all the other nurses there were refusing the H1N1 vaccine when it will be offered.
Several participants from UFOFacts group noted that the Cabal psychics tried to attack them psychically either right before or during or right after the JPE on Friday.Virtually all of them were able to brush off the attacks and send those Cabal psychic shlubs retreating. 
One of our team, Carey, was savvy enough to utilize the principle of Quantum Entanglement. She set the intention to work on one tainted genetic strand within the vaccine DNA at the quantum level and let Quantum Entanglement cause the dissolution she induced to resonate and be repeated in all the other tainted genetic strands.
Marilyn of our team noted about the Cabal's reaction, "Yes, I would say "Pissed off" about this JPE is putting it mildly. I definitely felt their rage." 
The JPE was a definite success.
The Cabal's rageful and nasty attacks confirm that for us.
We shall not rest until the Cabal is vanquished and the path clear for lightworkers to act unhindered in love and light.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


one of our friends writes this analysis.

Let me get this LEGALLY CORRECT
A Medical Doctor has enacted a procedure whereby antagonistic inclusions in a largely untested vaccination programme have been removed. The said medical doctor now implies this formerly largely untested unsafe vaccine is now without exception medically safe to take in all cases by everyone.

I thought Boylan was creating this theatre to make people ill - but I didn't fully realise just how totally insane he is to the point of being self-destructive.
I think he needs to see the men-in-white soon though ... because only a plea of insanity is going to stop numerous damages lawsuits if people get crippling Guilien Barr Syndrome GBS and other malaises from this vaccine.


Exopolitics: The Ultimate UFO Disinformation Operation?

Exopolitics: The Ultimate UFO Disinformation Operation?


Pardon me if I no longer remain politely silent as I am read preposterous pronouncements from the so-called "exopolitics" clique, who apparently think that throwing enough crap up against the wall will not only make it stick but give it credibility and significance.


In one recent email, we are informed of this gem, a…coveted award from exopolitics for:


"Intellectual Courage: Exopolitics Institute founder Dr. Michael Salla for his refusal to abandon his work in developing the field of exopolitics in the face of losing his academic career standing (he did), his job (he did), and his work status in the United States (he did)."


Now, for those of you who don't know, they're talking about the same Dr. Salla who wholeheartedly endorses, and shamelessly promotes, a known charlatan and fraud, in the person of "Alex Collier", a recently re-invented individual, who's nonetheless (according to Salla) a "genuine, life-long Andromedan contacee", an enormous claim for which Salla is completely unable to provide one iota of credible evidence…naturally. Despite numerous requests from me – over several years – the good professor refuses to provide any substantiation for "Collier's" lunatic "predictions", so shameless is his hucksterism of the "Collier" carnival.


So, are we really dealing with a person possessing "Intellectual Courage", or more likely someone who's so lacking in qualifications, credibility and character as to have been given the bum's rush out academia, employment and work status in this country?


And what is the last refuge of scoundrels who can't find it in government or academia? Well, it's the new safe harbor of "exopolitics", the latest self-serving, cobbled together alliance of wishful thinkers, fantasists and conmen who share a common interest in, and an even more enormous lack of knowledge about, UFOs.


Let's also give a dishonorable mention to Alfred Webre, who, along with Salla and Bassett, unashamedly promotes the completely unsubstantiated (to say nothing of illogical and moronic) notion that there are "benevolent extraterrestrials walking among us". That's right, ETs are strolling around everywhere, presumably taking a vacation from eons of boring, peaceful existence and traveling in space (and perhaps even time) in order to enjoy our overpopulated, polluted, warlike, greedy, self-destructive world, which is obviously amply populated by fools and idiots, with too much time on their hands, who invent such scenarios.


But wait, there's more! Dr. Salla and his, how can I put this politely, imaginative cohorts also want to sell you…the Brooklyn Bridge, or the dopey New Age version of it, in the form of (are you ready?) trainings and, get this, certification in such well established, scholarly and credible academic areas of study as:


a. Exopolitics Certificate - Entry level certification provides the core conceptual understanding so you have basic competency in writing about, researching or investigating exopolitical issues.


b.. Galactic Diplomacy Certificate - Second level of certification provides both the conceptual skills and diplomatic training so you can practice citizen diplomacy in extraterrestrial affairs.


c.. Exopolitics Diploma - Third level certification designed for those intending to teach or train others in exopolitics.


(NOTE: As Billy Meier's U.S. representative, I can assure you that he has not enrolled in any of these "programs", even though they're led by these obviously much more experienced people than himself, people who most certainly must have more than the 67 years of actual, in person, on board, UFO/extraterrestrial contacts than Meier himself has had.)


Again, is there any wonder, any remaining question, as to why Salla was given the boot by established, reputable, academic institutions, employers, etc. – and apparently barred from academic employment in this country?


Yes, indeed, "exopolitics" the latest assembly of pathetic poseurs and wishful wannabes, delightfully free of any self-policing, scientific standards of evidence and proof, or actual knowledge about anything extraterrestrial, who gleefully seek to soak up the limelight with an abundance of irrelevant and unsubstantiated bilge, in the process of which they further relegate the entire, real controversy and worthwhile substance of the UFO debate to the realm of ridicule and irrelevance. And might that not be the actual goal of the ego-driven architects of this flimsy, foolish enterprise…in other words, could it actually be a deliberately disguised disinformation operation?


Why else do we perpetually encounter people and tactics designed to divert us from finding and seeing the complete, real truth about UFOs? The truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials absolutely should be known but you won't find it with exopolitics, or its very self-serving "leaders".


I guarantee that.


Even though I'm adamantly anti-conspiratorial, it appears that exopolitics, being run by this bunch of delusional, self-serving quacks, may be the ultimate, most ingenious UFO disinformation operation yet created to derail full disclosure…especially about the Meier case.


Case in point, during our last meeting together, in Los Angeles, in February, Steven Bassett openly acknowledged to me - several times - that he recognized the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case. (He certainly should acknowledge it; the Meier case is the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (more than 67 years) actual UFO contact case, containing tons of still irreproducible physical evidence and volumes of specific, scientific and world event related information…large amounts of which were published years, even decades, before "official" discovery.)

And, while Bassett knows it's true, he has steadfastly refused to allow the Meier case to be presented at his X-Conferences. The oh so earnest Mr. Bassett proceeded to inform me that it "wasn't time yet" for the (67-year long!) Meier case to gain more public exposure, certainly not through his X-Conference. Instead, he assured me, April 2009 would bring the much sought after "government disclosure" and then, perhaps, it would be "the right time" for the Meier case.


Please understand what I'm saying here. Steven Bassett, the promoter of the X-Conference, who quite loudly professes his devotion to revealing the truth about the UFO cover-up, knows that the Meier case is authentic and is keeping that information from you and the rest of the world. And, as fate would have it, April 2009 has come and gone, the government didn't buckle under the, er, monumental pressure of the UFO disclosure brigade and the next round of irresponsible, self-indulgent nonsense from exopolitics is arriving in almost daily emails.


So the hubris of the, very excitable, Bassett is such that he puts his own, obviously failed if not irrelevant, agenda above putting the most important story in human history in the forefront of public discussion. And that despite his professed passion for the truth coming out.


Does this not sound more like disinformation and deception than… disclosure?


Not surprisingly, I am persona non grata at many UFO events for having the bad taste to actually criticize other so-called "UFO researchers", especially those in exo-politics, politics and "diplomacy" being antithetical to telling the truth. For people involved in this aberrant form of politics, the exopolitics folks are indeed mighty thin-skinned. I guess I should just bite my tongue when I hear about "genuine lifelong Andromedan contactees", certification in "Galactic Diplomacy" and the pressing problems of "how to talk to a ball of light".


Had the proponents and organizers of exopolitics possessed the courage, selflessness and regard for humanity to have put the Meier case in the forefront of their efforts – years ago – it would have been impossible for all of the media to marginalize, to continue to suppress discussion of it.


Instead, their self-indulgent, fruitless mental masturbation results in yet another squandered opportunity, all in the vain hope that presenting long irrelevant, unproven, dead-end "UFO cases" and huckstering intelligence-insulting "certification programs" will perpetuate their careers.


Bassett, Salla, Webre et al know that to assist with the Meier case would put them out of a job and out of the limelight.


Well, we can't have that, can we? So, in favor of speculation over substance, they continue to frantically peddle a remarkably ineffectual

effort, generating more heat than light. Instead of focusing on chasing lights in the sky, believing that every UFO is extraterrestrial in origin (they're not, most current sightings are secret military craft) and ineffectually pleading with the government to, well, not behave like the government, why hasn't exopolitics been vigorously exploring and promoting the examination of the Meier material that is intended to help us assure…our future survival?


Decide for yourselves then if exopolitics is just the work of delusional, self-serving wannabes, or the most ingenious UFO disinformation operation and campaign.


Or if it could actually be…both.


Michael Horn






Tuesday, September 15, 2009

EXOPOLITICS is A BANAL CULT, says John Tomlinson

Eddie Middleton / Night Search Host 

--- On Mon, 9/14/09, john tomlinson <jtomlinson9@hotmail.com> wrote:

for everyone who isnt a french speaker : we all agree exopolitics is some sort of cult around a few people , some proto academic jargon and a little senstionalism and here we have some new science ; super exopolitics.

this in short is what we believe.we also believe that exopolitics summit at barcelona this teay has ridiculed the average ufologist from around the world with such a low level of incompetent people shown at the summit in july 2009.so called specialists of ufology , ET s and so forth introduing the martian faces as being idols of sorts for ET s from that planet and other irrational stuff of the same caliber.

therefore we do not believe it to be a good thing to mingle with these people and their politics.
if they believe one second the democrats or republicans are going to join force with them , they are in for a major surprise , only people they d meet than would be the "men in white" ...for the sanatorium.

best to all
john tomlinson





Friday, September 11, 2009

Rules for Exopoliticians and other Pseudo-Ufologists

Rules for Exopoliticians and other Pseudo-Ufologists

There is competence in the Pseudo-Ufological market, so you must know the winning rules if you want to be a prosperous Exopolitician.

1) Do not try to fight the competence with Rational Arguments. Remember that the whole Exo business is based in irrationality, pseudo-science and pseudo-religion. 

2) If some new absurdity brings clients to the competence, you must find something even more ridiculous to say. Fight Irrationality with more irrationality.

3) Never waste your time in polemics with your competence. Just tell your believers that the "others" are all cabals, psi-ops, operatives and vampires.

4) Remember: the people who doesn't thing like you, is not wrong, but evil.

5) Use the Ad Hominem Fallacy. Do not try to justify rationally your views. Just attack the individual, not his ideas. In this way you will not be forced to give evidences that you don't have. 

6) Remember that the hope of the people makes your living.  You must periodically find some new fantasy, so the believers will be waiting for something to happen. A bored believer is always a lost believer.

7) Do never believe in your own ploys and delusions. If you do, you must see your doctor as soon as possible.

8) Make the people believe that you have very important contacts with "people who knows what's going on". Insinuations, ambiguities and no-names will make your "anonymous sources" look reliable. 

9) If the basic Exopolitical mythology becomes poor, boring and repetitive, put some mysticism on it. 
A touch of pseudo-religion always helps.

10)You must never  think that your rhetoric will work always, so keep some alternative source of money. Perhaps Astrology, Tarot or Aromatherapy


Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a Shame..!

Some other comments to Webre science fiction article in the examiner


Rob says:
Project Camelot...is Scientology behind this? Someone is playing a game. This story is all window dressing and unprovable, but for some reason they want us to believe aliens are out there...is it so someone can sell books, do radio, write stories, and not work at a real job for a living? September 10, 4:54 PM
Jim says:
I think you guys have been had like those Pakistani guys who fell for The Onion story on Armstrong being convinced that the Moonlandings were faked..... Of course, you guys probably want to to be true so badly that you'll believe any sort of nonsense. September 10, 2:49 PM
Jim says:
I think you guys have been had like those Pakistani guys who fell for The Onion story on Armstrong being convinced that the Moonlandings were faked..... Of course, you guys probably want to to be true so badly that you'll believe any sort of nonsense. September 10, 1:40 PM
Brian Enke (Denver Space Industry Examiner) says:
Alfred, I'm afraid someone is yanking your chain here. This whole thing is the back-story for the movie, Doom (and the 1990's computer game by the same name, of course).

As a Senior Space Research Analyst who has studied Mars for the past decade, I can tell you with 99.99999% certainty that there are no underground cities on Mars. An underground city would give off a thermal signature that couldn't possibly be missed. Sorry. September 10, 12:04 PM
Blim says:
You people are seriously f*ed up September 10, 9:09 AM


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