Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is Boylan at his "best": Unbelievable, right?

Dr. Boylan writes this:


This response is delayed because of my absence in travel to/from the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
I'd like to share with you a few impressions from Friday's Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) to neutralize the Cabal's tainted H1N1 "vaccines".
First, speaking personally, I was in the boarding area of Sacramento Airport awaiting my plane to PA to be called. Yet it was still possible to concentrate amid the noise and go in mental/astral travel around the globe to deal with H1N1 vaccine stockpiles and manufacturing production lines in various locations.
Since my objective was to target the harmful part of the DNA in the vaccine which would set up the person vaccinated to be later killed by the second-wave H1N1 Flu emerging over the next number of months, I went in out-of-body travel to each known location as well as to the not-named installations and medical facilities, and directed focused psychic telekinetic energy to take apart the DNA strands at the molecular level. Disintegrating them. As I "saw" the thousands of yards of vaccine stockpiles I became more upset with Cabal heartlessness. I must confess I then added to molecular disintegration a general energy push to cause the boxes to burst their contents. It should make for a hell of a toxic hazard clean-up mess for los Cabalistas. Not to mention a financial blow as all the hundreds of millions in research and development costs and billions in production costs globally will now have to be borne by those Cabal corporations.
I felt some general accompaniment in the zones of action, but in a noisy airport it was hard to discern the exact nature of the other participants and the "flavor" of their energy use.
It was fortunate that one of our team, June, "saw" that the Cabal had sequestered a supply of tainted vaccine and their new H1N1 virus in orbit in a cylinder. She addressed the contents of that cylinder with effective action. The now-neutralized bio-products inside that cylinder are now useless to the Cabal.
One participant who works in a hospital Emergency Room said that she and all the other nurses there were refusing the H1N1 vaccine when it will be offered.
Several participants from UFOFacts group noted that the Cabal psychics tried to attack them psychically either right before or during or right after the JPE on Friday.Virtually all of them were able to brush off the attacks and send those Cabal psychic shlubs retreating. 
One of our team, Carey, was savvy enough to utilize the principle of Quantum Entanglement. She set the intention to work on one tainted genetic strand within the vaccine DNA at the quantum level and let Quantum Entanglement cause the dissolution she induced to resonate and be repeated in all the other tainted genetic strands.
Marilyn of our team noted about the Cabal's reaction, "Yes, I would say "Pissed off" about this JPE is putting it mildly. I definitely felt their rage." 
The JPE was a definite success.
The Cabal's rageful and nasty attacks confirm that for us.
We shall not rest until the Cabal is vanquished and the path clear for lightworkers to act unhindered in love and light.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


one of our friends writes this analysis.

Let me get this LEGALLY CORRECT
A Medical Doctor has enacted a procedure whereby antagonistic inclusions in a largely untested vaccination programme have been removed. The said medical doctor now implies this formerly largely untested unsafe vaccine is now without exception medically safe to take in all cases by everyone.

I thought Boylan was creating this theatre to make people ill - but I didn't fully realise just how totally insane he is to the point of being self-destructive.
I think he needs to see the men-in-white soon though ... because only a plea of insanity is going to stop numerous damages lawsuits if people get crippling Guilien Barr Syndrome GBS and other malaises from this vaccine.


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