Tuesday, September 15, 2009

EXOPOLITICS is A BANAL CULT, says John Tomlinson

Eddie Middleton / Night Search Host 

--- On Mon, 9/14/09, john tomlinson <jtomlinson9@hotmail.com> wrote:

for everyone who isnt a french speaker : we all agree exopolitics is some sort of cult around a few people , some proto academic jargon and a little senstionalism and here we have some new science ; super exopolitics.

this in short is what we believe.we also believe that exopolitics summit at barcelona this teay has ridiculed the average ufologist from around the world with such a low level of incompetent people shown at the summit in july 2009.so called specialists of ufology , ET s and so forth introduing the martian faces as being idols of sorts for ET s from that planet and other irrational stuff of the same caliber.

therefore we do not believe it to be a good thing to mingle with these people and their politics.
if they believe one second the democrats or republicans are going to join force with them , they are in for a major surprise , only people they d meet than would be the "men in white" ...for the sanatorium.

best to all
john tomlinson




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