Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Failure of Reality Creation, by Andrew Hennessey

I think that rational Ufology should set out a stance on this psycho and abusive ideology - it is the last retreat of people like Salla

I know for a fact that the thousands of people lecturing us on love and light and reality creation have chosen not to think-create a better reality for the victims of Africa. If the world has all these alleged massively empowerd people - they are therefore very selfish and anti-human. 

Nor indeed have our alleged galactic starbrothers obviously overflying openly supplied an african village with famine relief.
The excuse for that I hear is that its up to us to change things before they interfere.
but if an entire army of earth-based reality creators cannot and choose not to use their massive powers to recreate africa in an image of love ..
whats the point in thinking that the philosophy of reality creation as it is currently pracised by these allegedly immensely empowered people here on Earth has anything to do with the realm of Light ?


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