Friday, September 11, 2009

Rules for Exopoliticians and other Pseudo-Ufologists

Rules for Exopoliticians and other Pseudo-Ufologists

There is competence in the Pseudo-Ufological market, so you must know the winning rules if you want to be a prosperous Exopolitician.

1) Do not try to fight the competence with Rational Arguments. Remember that the whole Exo business is based in irrationality, pseudo-science and pseudo-religion. 

2) If some new absurdity brings clients to the competence, you must find something even more ridiculous to say. Fight Irrationality with more irrationality.

3) Never waste your time in polemics with your competence. Just tell your believers that the "others" are all cabals, psi-ops, operatives and vampires.

4) Remember: the people who doesn't thing like you, is not wrong, but evil.

5) Use the Ad Hominem Fallacy. Do not try to justify rationally your views. Just attack the individual, not his ideas. In this way you will not be forced to give evidences that you don't have. 

6) Remember that the hope of the people makes your living.  You must periodically find some new fantasy, so the believers will be waiting for something to happen. A bored believer is always a lost believer.

7) Do never believe in your own ploys and delusions. If you do, you must see your doctor as soon as possible.

8) Make the people believe that you have very important contacts with "people who knows what's going on". Insinuations, ambiguities and no-names will make your "anonymous sources" look reliable. 

9) If the basic Exopolitical mythology becomes poor, boring and repetitive, put some mysticism on it. 
A touch of pseudo-religion always helps.

10)You must never  think that your rhetoric will work always, so keep some alternative source of money. Perhaps Astrology, Tarot or Aromatherapy


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