Friday, September 4, 2009

A Bolivian Supercontactee.

Fernado Mostajo Maertens, is a Bolivian contactee of several entities and organizations:  The White Brotherhood, The Galactic Federation, the Atlantes, the Subterranean Cities under the Titicaca lake in Bolivia, the Old Guardians of the Native Tradition, Toltecans and Olmecans, you name it.

Fernado, also, was (read carefully) teleported to Ganimedes by the good old Aliens.

He knows practically everything, including the site where the Holy Graal is kept. (Montserrat, Barcelona. )

Fernando also gives Solar Initiations to the exotourists guided by the wisdom of Dr. Salla.
The notorious Bolivian contactee knows so many things. (But unfortunately not English)
With classical theosophical style, ( hiperbolic, pompous and unsubstantiated) Mostajo Maertens gives the people the same old ideas and superstitions that were famous at the end of XIX Centure and beginnings of XX , in the so called Occult Renaissance. (Crowlet, Blavatsky, Papus, Eliphas Levy and more...) .

Well you know, the old books are reread, copy&pasted and lo! here we are...teaching people ($) to be prepared for several contacts with Elders, Olders and Aliens (all of them nice)
Fernando also finds time to pay tribute to the Egyptian Goddess Maat. See link.

Spirit of Maat

His name and teachings are also included in a dark hand site whose add is below and where you will find also a violent, pathological attack against President Obama.Pay a visit to the Horus Maat Lodge and you will be welcomed by the word...ABRAHADABRA.

From his Retiro Externo del Gobierno Interior, Wiñaymarka, Fernando, in the Name of the Universal White Brotherhood , called the Humanity to the CONVOCATORIAMUNDIAL AL CONCILIO DE LUZ DE LA HERMANDAD BLANCA ... (summoning to the White Brotherhood Council of Light.)
En 1992 Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens was revealing the secrets of the Runa Antilis in a  self-published book called "Runa Antilis: Magical Base of Los Andes. (see below).

Precio: $18.00
RUNA ANTILIS. BASE MAGICA EN LOS ANDES. La Paz : EDICIONES DEL AUTOR, 1992. 204p. - (2 ed). (Experiencias de contacto con seres extraterrestres desde el aNo 1977).

(ilus., fotos a color, blanco y negro). (19 x 14 cm).

The conclusions are yours, my good friends, Ufosophical researchers will find more without doubt about this character.

I am forced to pronounce my cleansing mantra : "Gimme a break "



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