Friday, June 5, 2015

Some questions about the UFO Cover-Up and Disclosure

Let’s analyze briefly the polemic concerning the presumed UFO cover-up and the demand of disclosure.  If such a cover-up exists, it’s the greatest conspiracy of all human history. This is so, because the revelation of the presence and contact with some extraterrestrial
civilization(s) would shock the world as nothing did before.
Also, to keep this cover-up, the conspiracy should include several governments, the whole scientific establishment and the media.
Think, if you have enough imagination, in the colossal organization required to keep such cover-up.
Now, such organization should include some control of those who condemn the cover-up demanding a complete disclosure, am I right?  
Individuals talking and writing about such cover-up should be dangerous for the massive conspiracy, and plotters would use repression and even violence to shut up those voices demanding disclosure.
However, the keepers of the formidable UFO-ET secret do not care at all about all those challenging the monstrous conspiracy of Silence.
Ufologists talk, write, organize big shows, UFO congresses, “contacts in the desert” and use the media and the Web to denounce the cover-up.
The government however shows total indifference and perhaps watches the UFO-Conspiracy-disclosure show with sympathy.
Looks like the UFO Industry doesn’t threat  the mythological cover-up and, on the contrary, the authorities just love to see people caring about nonexistent entities instead of confronting real problems such as the environment, hunger, war, inequality, corruption and insatiable greed.

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