Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Galactic Diplomacy or Criminology???

Dear people, I think I am going into teaching. Yes, I will teach Diplomacy, but not between humans. That is not cool.
As the Exos are into the Market teaching Galactic Diplomacy, I will teach Ghost Diplomacy.This will give professionals and other decorated individuals the possibility of interacting with the ghostly world.Of course, in many seances, Ghosts talk about spiritual things and also give to the Medium (contactee,) a few messages for the living people.So perhaps we will be able to learn how to relate ourselves (living people,) with the Dead.
In fact we know more about Spirits and Angels than Alien ETs.Talking about ETs, those Entities behind the UFO phenomenon, I believe that these Galactic "people", doesn't show any interest in having Diplomatic Contact with us.On the contrary, thousands of normal human individuals are systematically abducted by Aliens, and this is a Crime in our Legislation. Besides, they not only invade our planet without authorization, but also break into the privacy of our homes and bedrooms.Remember that the abductees are not only adult people but also children, which means child abuse.Nothing shows that these Aliens are interested in diplomacy at all. On the contrary, they act like Criminals..Personally, from the human side, I am not interested in any kind of diplomatic relationship with these Uninvited abusive Illegal Aliens.

In Freedom we Trust

James Black
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