Saturday, May 16, 2009

About Andrew Hennessey's Suggestion.

Perhaps you remember that in some opportunities I wrote that the suspension at will of belief (and/or disbelief) is a powerful instrument of Liberation. The same is true about the suspension at will of Self or Identity. Nobody can impose Cognitive Dissonance if we can do this.

In Hypnosis, the equivalent of Cognitive Dissonance is the Double Binding. Two opposite and contradictory hypnotic suggestions are projected in the Mind of the hypnotized. With the mind temporarily disoriented, the Hypnotist acquires some control of the “patient”.

The Exos are not mad at all, but they have agendas. They try to control the true believers. Hope and Fear, by the way, are excellent methods of control.

If I understand well, Andrew suggests that with the help of a powerful traditional religious Faith, it is possible to get out of the EXOmatrix.I think he is right : Catholicism is powerful enough. Consider the Marian Cult in this Era.

That is why Bassiago and Webre , the lawyers who “sees things” in Mars, also attack the Marian Apparitions (Fatima,) and suggest that the Virgin Mary was just an Alien.The whole EXO program, is the recognition of Alien Superiors that can control “benevolently” the destiny of the Human Race.

With all due respect, not only Catholicism but other Strong Traditions as Buddhism can help to defeat the Exo program of Alien Domination.I am convinced however that sectarian, divided denominations as Protestantism or New Age and Spiritualistic systems will not help. These are not strong enough as Tradition.

The suspension at Will of belief and Self/Identity is excellent but requires a very hard and complex work, and I know that very few can do this, and besides there are dangers in the Work.
I cannot teach this practice and no other teachers are available at this time and place.


James Black
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