Sunday, May 31, 2009

Xenopolitics Xenofacilitator Diploma

Enjoy Andrews Ideas.

MW001_Xfacil_Dip MINDCLEANSE MEDITATION Counts as 0.25 of a course unit towards the full XENOPOLITICS XENOFACILITATOR Diploma.

Keynote: Mankind has been banging about in the mud for a long time doing bad things and as a result of that the consensus here at the Xenopolitical Institute is that in order to properly facilitate being truly free range humans and to serve ourselves up as a platter full of good intentions towards our shy and bashful starbrothers – we need to think of ourselves more as a pleasing spiritual and life force banquet.First things first though and in order to be starters on the academic and spiritual road to being invited for interstellar dinner there has to be a cleansing and washing of our natural need to tell it like it is.This unfortunate and unpalatable mechanism humans have for `telling it like it is' can make for an unsavoury spiritual offering to our starbrothers hence the Xenopolitics Institute offers the MINDCLEANSE MEDITATION so that us humans can get our minds right.

1 All aliens are good
2 you cannot see any evidence for them having been here for millennia
3 you pour your intentions and lifeforce out to themall
4 planetary evils are caused by mankind including abductions which are only military that have just started about 50 years ago.
5 Homosapiens rule the world and are making a bad job of it
6 our starbrothers know and care and may be coming soon
7 this society and its science, medicine and technology is not a charade – its just taking slow careful steps forward
8 Aliens have not been overflying famines and droughts for millennia without offering help.
9 There are no such things as controlling Reptilians
10 Specially contrived historic mixes of despair and desolation and burning and devastation are in no way artificial and controlled and are not to milk life essences and in no way related to this idea
11Andrew Hennessey is a great guy and you can send him lots of money on paypal
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