Saturday, May 9, 2009


It becomes apparent after the barrage of irrational garbage from leading PhD's who we once thought were sane enough to represent our interests - that once we get over the fact that we have been deliberately traumatised by a multiple doktor circus act using Cognitive Dissonance to take our hopes and fears away –
Once we get over our betrayal - we can see if we look more carefully at the infrastructure behind exopolitics, the evidence for the real paymasters responsible for keeping us in the demonic laden darkness.
For example Neil Gould on the recent exo promotional video mentions consensus reality - a paradigm created by the Tavistock institute - you will also find a Transhumanist on the exopolitics staff - if you search out Drew Hempels true matrix plan - will see that Transhumanist and its matrix uploads formerlyradio-eugenics has been around since the 1930's.
With no-one able to blow any more whistles because that level of reality that they allegedly disclose has been totally surpassed by the groundswell of general knowledge - we are faced with a truth ... there is no Disclosure - ..So Brazil lets out 600pages of lights in the sky - that's not disclosure - not even a start ...
Disclosure is being in receipt of even the lite version of the zip code database that lists human subjects and the procedures carried out upon that and the intrusions at each human property or on each person.
Disclosure is the issuance of a fixed penalty tariff for these alien crimes of eg. Grievous bodily harm, abduction, illegal surgery, psychological scarring, harassment etc loss of earnings from induced psychological trauma etc
Disclosure is the address of the local regional corporation office that will pay us our fixed penalty damages money ..
Without that we have to come to terms with the obvious fact - despite Hollywood and despite cable tv ... these instruments that attempt to placate our sense of injustice and dismissal - the obvious fact is that we are now living in a post human era - and that there is no pro-human debate coming from the very agencies that allege they are responsible for it.
Its very much the case in my opinion that we are living in a post human epoch - and that that is entirely consistent with United Nations publications - and alas for us - entirely consistent with the behaviour of exopoliticians whose job is merely damage and outrage limitation.
Andrew hennessey
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