Friday, May 8, 2009

The Cabal and Boylan's Exopathology .

This is a fine Satire signed by BlueUFO referring to the Cabal and Boylan's paranoidal Exopathology . Enjoy..!

LOL !!
The SR71 is of course a retired cabal aircraft and since my wife worked at Beale with them she is cabal, so since I'm married to her I am cabal, and our kids are cabal, especially since my son has a toy black helicopter... he is 3.... and since we are on several ufo groups they are all cabal.....
and of course if most of us tried to post some message on Boylans group we would be labeled cabal......or fundamentalist preachers, as just recently happened... and Fonda, you must most definitely be cabal because you posted this...
My dog was mysteriously found in a park after Katrina, so she's cabal, and my cats were mysteriously dropped off up our road by someone, so they are cabal....of course those animals were attracted to us because of cabal implants and they have cabal implants...
I guess Boylan is completely surrounded!!! LOL!
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