Thursday, May 28, 2009

The EXO Doctors Trio and what they have in common.

Shall we call them Illusionists? No, because Illusionists are artists. They do not recognize supernatural or paranormal elements in their shows.They just want people to have fun.
The EXO trio has nothing to do with Illusionism. On the contrary, they proclaim themselves Gurus of a New Era. Apparently under the benevolent dictatorship of our Cosmic Big Brothers.

One of the members of the Exo Trio tries to keep some sobriety. Lately he specializes in Para-history. In recognized fiction, this is called Alternative History. (Sample, a Victory of Nazi Germany in the II WW or a victory of the Confederation in the American Civil War.)

Difference is that Dr. Salla gives priority to this alternative history as is the real one. The one that we know is just an invention of the Cabal. Take a look at his papers and you will see what all is about, but to make a living with this pseudo-history is not easy. Only is possible if the people are first, interested, and second, ignorant.

The other member of the EXOtrio is Boylan. (Let us forget about his background…you know what I am talking about.)Boylan now is God. His Pauline (Wendy,) inspired by the Holy Ghost Asheoma, proclaimed that Boylan is the Source. Primus inter Pares.
Boylan is billions of years old and this suggests that he can be the Source Himself or Son of the Source.
This of course, gives the supernatural element to his sect, and eventually will justify the dogmatization, because if He is the Incarnation of the Source, what he says is absolutely true. Now the Cabal is Rome, but Boylan will NOT be crucified.Some of the followers write in UFOfacts that, after Wendy’s Revelation, they have tears in their eyes.

Truth is that Colonialists always need syncretism religions that blend traditional elements of the natives with new ones brought by the Invaders. That is why the EXO trio is working on a convenient revisionism of our traditional History.

Last but not least we have Doctor Steven Greer. He is not new in the twilight zone. After looking for the truth in several sects, he proclaimed himself a contactee, and Wilkipedia recognizes him as a Conspiracy Theorist.For a few thousand dollars he teaches the use of meditation methods that allow attendees to have remote view, and visit different locations and times (past and present). Disciples also learn Cosmic Consciousness.

With a snap of his fingers, Greer’s followers learn how call alien spacecrafts, but of course, nobody never gave any evidence of this supernatural powers. Oh…I know…all those who ask for evidences are Cabals, Illuminati, Jesuits, Skeptics, Debunkers, government agents, and psyops. Each sect chooses the enemy that is more appropriate for its agenda.

This is how things work in the EXO Circus. The Show must Go On.But let me tell you one thing. The Dynamic Doctors Trio has now ONE THING IN COMMON.We, humans are bad and need the guidance of the Good, Nice Aliens. Forget about Abductions, please, just have Faith in the Big Brothers, or say NO to these Unwanted Visitors and their Unwanted Collaborationists and Apologists.

James Black
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