Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BOREDOM is the Name of the Game.

How are you doing people? What's going on?

NOTHING, yes, I know, but do not despair , we will find something.
Remember the orbs? Those silly reflections in digital pics?. Alfred Webre told us that these Orbs were Aliens..! Amazing, and justified in some way, because the real enemy of the EXOS is BOREDOM.
The Circus is dead when people see the same old Lions, and Elephants, and Clowns. The tallest man in the world and the Madame Soraya, the Gipsy Queen who sees the Future. Same old, same old. The circus will be empty.
The old posters will read: Come and see the great "Adamski, the man who was sent by the beautiful white Venusinians to talk with Kennedy and the Pope."
No, it doesn't work any more. Those were the sixties people, and I was already in the ufological thing.

BOREDOM is the name of the game.
Forget about Disclosure.Forget about anonymous sources and contactees and faked whistleblowers.
It doesnt work any more. Dr Salla used a Star Trek picture in the Examiner to promote his Galactic Diplomacy Courses!! can you believe this?
Some RETRO here. After all, Salla's sites are a little art-deco, with those nice, outmoded metalic Flying Saucers over the White House.
But what about us?
Well, Ufology is also the investigation of the impact the UFO Phenomenon has in people, religions, ways of life.
That is what we can do, and also, remain aware of UFO sightings in the world.
Now, let us see what will be the next step of the EXOS to fight the enemy, that is not the Cabal or the Illuminati but...BOREDOM.

See you latter people, and many thanks for your interest.


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