Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Second Answer to Andrew Hennessey.

Below, you will find Andrew's answer to my commentary, and first I give him Thanks for the opportunity of sharing some ideas.Andre calls me an skeptic. I will insist about this, because it is absolutely important. I can be a skeptic or a believer at will. Andrew must remember that I suggested him the use of the Holy Rosary and the invocation of Mary Virgin, MOTHER OF GOD.Also it is important to remember that Faith is a matter of God's will. Perhaps Andrew was blessed by the Holy Grace, and I didn't.Protestants go on in this, telling us that there is Predestination. This means that we all are already condemned or saved.It is not my purpose to go into theological discussion in any way.I am an skeptic IF I need to truly understand Skepticism, and I am a believer IF I need to put myself in place of the Believer. Andrew asks me if Religion hurt me in any way. No, the answer is no, because religion cannot hurt me, however religious people eventually can hurt me, if I let them do it.I agree that only an ignorant would say that there is no Life in other planets. Of course there is Life. Intelligent advanced Life sometimes survives their own Stupidity. This doesn't mean in any way that they become nice people. On the contrary. (Between us, I think that is absolutely ridiculous and dangerous to send signals to the space.)"Never bring something that you will not be able to control" , said an Magician of old. In this Universe is always better to remain silent as much as possible.Last but not least, I am not disinterested in Religion at all, Andrew. On the contrary. Again, Religion is a good tool to defeat the Invaders and their puppets, if in the name of their gods, humans do not destroy themselves.Thanks and questions are always welcome. James
Hello James and all,At times you comments sound very much like that of a skeptic. I do not say that as an off hand remark, as I am very studied in the levels associated with the Philosophical Syndrome that produces such comments as your opinions. Skeptics, by the way are an extreme minority in the U. S. and the population is only affected by about 1 percent of its total.That bit of knowledge conveyed in preparation to tell you that the hand of God has guided me in the revelations where he has proven human life to exist in our Solar System. Without going into a lengthy diatribe of evidence. My Lord in 2007, April to be exact, showed me the life in photographs presented to the public from space. Only a skeptic would say, for instance, there is no life on other planets. That is a statement not worthy of review. Anyone who wishes to see the human element found throughout our galaxy need only look in a mirror or they could take time to go to Youtube and find the 72 videos I have produced from hundred of hours of analytics and layer scaling to show the true surface of most of the planets and moons.You call religion a tradition. It must have done you some hard somewhere in your life for you to say such a thing? Has religion harmed you in any way? I think not. Skepticism is known by intellect for that which it is. It is only in some case the opinion of the ignorant.Perhaps religion harmed you in Corintians I, chapter 15, verses 33-50. But probably not, because I doubt that you have studied the Holy Scriptures due to your disinterest of religion. Anyone who would disparage religion out of their life, for me, would be classified the Devils spawn.My extraterrestrial videos may be found on YouTube under the channel name of doowop62 where they have received more than one million view on that site alone. What do you have to show as numbers that support your skeptical view of religion or extraterrestrial life. It is strange to me that your posts have not been so skeptical in the past writing to the email list. You skepticism has been the same as mine about Dr. Boylan, I like to have proof of something that exists before making a final decision. Have you taken time to view my 72 video's on Youtube. They are playing all over the world, even on a boom boom site in Vietnam. They play in Romania, Italy, Russia and hundred of other places. If you do not believe that. Put doowop62 into googles search and the proof will appear. I speak from facts that are not just opinions. Anyone is invited to view my video's on YouTube under doowop62 channel. Their are 72 of them. If one cannot see an extraterrestrial out of 72 video I have produced from NASA/JPL images, that someone is speaking from a skeptical opinion. Please correct me, James, if I have interpreted your post incorrectly, I will apologize in advance. LOL Your comments came as a surprise of the generalized scope of the subjects you addressed. It appeared to be more of a skeptic rant than anything else. Of course, I don't discount everything until it has been proven wrong.
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