Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Future of the EXOS.

The Exos should call for a Conference in some nice place, (Hawaii will be fine, ) and talk about the future.

Perhaps they can go into some kind of Ministry and call them Reverends.Perhaps something like " Church of the Cosmic Light" or "Temple of the Galactic Holy Ghost" will be OK.
Or they can try cosmo-reiki, holistic massages, Tarot, Psychic Readings...Because in the 50s, the UFO thing was fresh and new. Take a look at the Adamsky in memoriam web site.(link below)
But now, after more than half century, they keep repeating the same things. Trying again and again the same historical revisionism. This was OK many years ago, but now has no more appeal.It's not always true that a lie repeated one hundred times becomes true.
Honestly, the EXO discourse doesn't work as before.Nobody cares if Ike met with the ETs. Nobody cares if Adamsky gave advice to Kennedy.The truth is that it is time to change, dear EXOS. Time to find something new, because we are adults now.Each day, as you know well, it's more and more difficult to keep people interested. Perhaps I am wrong but, ?who will pay for a Course in Galactic Diplomacy?Who will buy a book about the Nazi bases in Antarctica?I'm afraid that people has better things to do. People have other priorities.It's not easy to make a living selling broken toys that nobody wants.
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