Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Decadence of Boylan's EXOsect.

Read carefully and you will have an idea of what is happening...the truth is that the Altimarians or the StarNations could help Boylan with the management of his little sect.
Eric, and everyone,
    I cannot say what may be happening at your end, (your server, or potential Cabal impoundment of UFOFacts messages for varying periods of time.
    However, I do want everyone to know that UFOFacts is run by myself and a Deputy Moderator (Bob Roth). We are unpaid volunteers with busy lives and get to UFOFacts to clear messages for posting when we have time.
    On extra-busy days it may be 30-45 hours since the last postings before we get to the next batch.
    At extraordinary times (family emergency, out-of-town job matter, etc.), there may be a period of one or more days before the next batch of UFOFacts messages get posted.
    It is useful to practice patience and not expect some message you send to UFOFacts to necessarily be posted promptly.
    The Moderator task is not easy and it is important, and why this site has remained disinformation- free.
    Your understanding, and patience, is appreciated.
    Dr. Richard Boylan,. Moderator


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