Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exos, Aliens and Resucitation Techniques.

Exos are true-believers, and the cathegory includes the self proclaimed Gurus. It is a generalization, but we understand the idea.
Now, Exos are Masters on resucitation techniques. They need to keep the EXOmythology alive.
UFOS were Unidentificated Flying Objects from the beginning and still they are such thing. Lights in the sky, 90 percent of them conventional objects.
That 10 % that remains unexplained is NOT ENOUGH to keep people interested.
Of course, I'm talking of people who cares about UFOs, like you and me.
BUT...when you have an industry related to these UFOs, you are forced to apply some techniques of resuscitation to the whole UFO phenomenon.
EXOS, consequently, must find ideas, prejudices, pseudo-sciences, religious thoughts, and faked experts to ...YES...YES, to keep the things alive.
Why is this so? Simply because nothing changes concerning UFOs.
In the last 4 or 5 decades of the UFO phenomenon, we read and wrote thousands of times that there were massive sightings. However, this is not enough and people begins to look into Tibetan Buddhism, New Age, Astrology, Reiki and Tantra.
So, EXO marketers must invent, or recicle.
Again Adamsky, and the meeting between Eisenhower and Aliens, Theosophy and of course lots of Conspiracy Theories that always give results to fight BOREDOM.
Some of the EXOS just decide to make the whole thing a neocult, as Boylan did. So there you have the Source, the Star Nations, the Councilor of Earth, two Scarlet Women, Wendy and Fran, and the herd.
(In time, Boredom or something more imaginative will kill this scheme also, but...it works in a small scale.)
The other Exos need to keep the attention, so they talk about a fast Disclosure, (that never happens) and suggest secret pre-disclosure meetings in the United Nations.
This scheme doesn't work for a long time. It is always limited.
Even the true-believers understand that nothing happens, and eventually will look into something less boring.
And the abductions? Well, that is the black spot, right? The abduction problem belongs to the Aliens, we are just abductees. EXOS want you to forget about abductions, OK?

James Black
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