Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boylan's Followers Rebellion.

Dear friends of Truth.
Included is a message posted by Wendy in Boylan's group UFOfacts. The lady, after channeling Asheoma, answers the demands of those who want to become Councilors. ( Looks like the absolutism of the "good and wise doctor" is challenged.)
Wendy says that Asheoma told her about the need to serve the will of the Source for becoming Councilor.
Of course, Wendy (and Asheoma) do not take into account the merits of the Councilor of Earth. See below:

Learn more about the Councilor and his services to the Source.

This is the message of Wendy

The subject of this is a bit in jest - but some people have written with sincere questions such as "What do I need to do to become a Councillor?"
Asheoma has this to say:
"Hello my Brothers and Sisters who share the sky above me. It is good to speak with you again.
Is it possible for anyone to become a Councillor? Of course it is. Within the Grand Dream of Source who is All , there are not natural exclusions to who can become a Councillor for the Star Nations.
If this is a desired path of service, then it is good to understand what is needed. These things are shared the same way the steps to any employment might be stated by an educator of Earth so one may prepare themselves for a selected path.
To serve Star Nations is to first work fully within the level of service to Source. There are no members of Star Nations - this includes our pilots, engineers, healers, teachers, and the many others - who hold a title for the purpose of the title. The goal first is always the service to Source. As an example, one who is a High Councillor for the healing of physical energy systems (or bodies) - this is one who holds a position within Star Nations that Humans might say equal a Surgeon General in the United States of America, first served on his own home world as a thermal technician for environmental concerns. Many lives were spent learning about the way his own Planet Being worked. After that time, his experience grew into searching ways to identify the health of other Planet Beings through temperature. It is even to note that this same Councillor confirmed the disease of Earth Being through temperature evaluation. But it was his own dedication to the health of all Beings he encountered which set his heart center as grounded in service to Source.
After his own people became members of the Star Nations, he was eager to assist on any project or mission which concerned health in any way. Always willing to find out the truth of situations above even his own reasoning or thinking proved his ego was as a tool used in Awareness. This proved his humility.
Star Nations did not appoint him as a Councillor - it is not done in this manner. He simply was a Councillor. Star Nations sought his input into matters, and his service was pure. He represented his skill.
Time and service to Source is a school of its own worth. Through the years which are not years as they all become one continuous path of awareness in service through many physical forms, he become stronger in his service skills and his own awareness toward Source. The Star Nations "one day" asked if he would like to assist by serving as a final spoken voice on matters High Council had to consider. This position is weighted as each Councillor accepts in Karma and in Soul all outcomes of the Collective Star Nations voice. When it is said on Earth "the buck stops here" - this applies. It is a somber and serious position which only can be held by those who are no longer. They have surrendered the entire Being of Self to the Will of Source. They are the tools of Source.
Star Nations members hold our High Councillors in a very special heart energy close to us. We protect them with all we are. To us, they are the same as an Earth High Priest. They have proved themselves to their own and to the Star Nations and to Source. And as they see is correct for situations, it is viewed by Star Nations as the Law of Source - if it can be said in that way.
Yet these are still individuals who are learning and growing and changing. And it is interesting to see this in action with our Beloved Councillors - that is my own heart word for them of Earth as I have chosen. A true Councillor holds no desire at all for the title of this or even for the eyes of respect that are cast upon them. In fact, it is known that their energy shifts in shyness and almost disdain when respect of title is shown them. They suffer the title only because it is a part of the service.
So, your heart desires to be a Councillor? Then first take your eyes off the self and away from the mirror. See what it is you are able to do to assist those around you. Those who deliver food to the poor or who clean up after the sick - they are the souls who are on their way to being seen as a Councillor.
With my love to all,
Asheoma te ka Meata
end of Wendy's post in UFOfacts

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