Thursday, April 23, 2009

The EXO apparatus of disinformation and how it works.

Dear friends of truth, let me share with you some ideas.
First let us see how the Exo-disinfo. apparatus works.
The Exos tell us WHAT the Gov. keeps SECRET. Of course, this implies that the EXOS know the same things that the Gov. right?, and also that there are 3 different institution or entities IN THE KNOWLEDGE : The Gov. , the Exos and the ET's.
These three institutions, Exos, Gov. and Aliens, are communicated through whistleblowers, contactees an other "secret anonymous sources."

The Exos want us to believe this, because if we do, they are the only channels of information. (They sell us books, lectures, courses in Galactic Diplomacy, preparation for the name it.)

Of course the Exos want us to be passive, to wait their movements.
Gov. movement would be the Disclosure, ET movement would be the open contact, and Exos what they sell us. They present themselves as the only source of information..!

But this hoax works only with a herd, but not with intelligent people.
We have ideas, we are not affraid of differences, we believe in freedom. For us, Ufology is full of questions and not a cult, but an Open field of research. The Exo Circus is ready to close. They have nothing more to sell us.

In Truth we Trust

James Black

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