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Analysis of Boylan's Cultist Discourse

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 2:07 PM, James Black <> wrote:
my words between his text, bold and italics

On Sat, 4/4/09, DrBoylan <> wrote:

Star Nations

Who and what are Star Nations?

Star Nations is the name of the organization of intelligent advanced civilizations in our galaxy - the Milky Way. This is the name that these various star civilizations have given their organization.

looks like this man, an ex-doctor, knows a lot more than the whole scientific community...

And Star Nations is also the name by which these civilizations are known collectively by traditional indigenous people of North America and elsewhere.

There are myriad star civilizations that belong to Star Nations. These civilizations number well above a million.

lots of people, and perhaps lots of people who doesn't look like people at all...I meant more like aliens from horror films...

There are 1438 star races in contact with Earth, not to mention the many, many more civilizations which are also members of Star Nations. For a description of the Star Nations member races in most frequent contact with Earth, see: www.drboylan. com/etraces. html

How nice and organized it sounds. 1438 races. They must love hide and seek game. We should see them more frequently, am I right?

What are the entrance requirements to become a member of Star Nations?

A candidate civilization must be made up of intelligent individuals who have developed to a level of spiritual and cultural advancement where their civilization collectively is in either explicit or implicit conformity with the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos.

Honestly, Star Nations "people" should learn to read. How could they think that Boylan must be the Councilor for Earth? Did they read this..? Not a Saint right? More in the Dark side that "in the light"

For a description of those Laws, see www.drboylan. com/11.11laws. html

The purpose of Star Nations is to serve as an organization of highly intelligent and spiritually developed civilizations which:

1) provides wise general supervision over the star systems which support life;

2) fosters the development of intelligent life where appropriate within star systems and as directed by Source [God];

He is the Big One...but what is the Source of the Source? and if you find it, then tray to find the Source of the Source of the infinitum

3) assists in the development of such civilizations by sharing information and guidance to encourage these civilizations to develop to their full intellectual and spiritual potential; and thus in this role Star Nations serves as a sort of galactic Peace Corps;

4) provides protection to civilizations which are still in the earlier stages of development, so that these will not be preyed upon by those morally-undeveloped civilizations which are not members of Star Nations and whose arrested spiritual development allows for immoral predation on the weak and vulnerable. Thus, in this role Star Nations serves as a galactic police force to keep the peace. In this role Star Nations could somewhat inexactly be compared to Earth’s United Nations Organization and the UN’s Blue Helmets peace-keeping forces.

Earth has been under protection by Star Nations, who have placed a protective cordon around Earth so that Humans are not subject to being preyed upon by any members of civilizations of inferior moral and spiritual development.

So they are the Big Brothers. They are Imperialists, like Bush, Invading other countries to "protect" and "democratize " them.

How nice, and how anti-democratic...because I do not want to be "protected" by them: My answer is ALIENS GO HOME.

The Star Nations organization is a very ancient organization, having been formed many many millions of years ago.

What is Earth’s future as regards Star Nations?

If Humans continue to reform and transform their current corrupt, materialistic, ecocidal, power-focused global culture into a peaceful, just, sharing, mutually-supportive , appropriately- spiritual, family-like global civilization with responsible ecological stewardship, and reach consensus to abide by principles consistent with the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws, then we will have reached a point where we may reasonably expect an invitation from Star Nations to become the latest member civilization of Star Nations.

...and Boylan, who is the self-proclaimed Councillor for Earth, will be the Viceroy? He is imposed to us? Give me a break...this people needs medical an asylum there is enough time to read the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws...

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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