Friday, April 3, 2009

Exopolitics, UFOs and Anxiety.

Let me share with you some ideas.
Exopoliticians and UFO professionals have one unsolved problem. More, this problem has no solution.
The EXOS need to keep people motivated, interested. They need people buying the next book or "preparing 4 contact" or hailing the Big Councilor of Earth.
I think that what makes people follow a possible UFO development is Anxiety.
We need to believe that something different, good, better, will happen tomorrow. We need to see that UFO, read the last Aliens "message", hope that the Big Disclosure will take place.
If nothing happens, people's level of Anxiety will grow, and eventually we will find another object of hope, or understand that we shall not wait for something "other" to save us.
The "long shots" like all the talk about 2012, is not enough. Besides if you go to any good bookstore , you will find` many books about 2012, and`also you will find that nobody knows nothing about this factoid.
Why this problem has no solution? Because the possible "solutions" also kill the hope. Not only NOTHING happens but we know that NOTHING WILL happen.
Some of the professionals understand this and invent a cult. Others replace it with meditation ( Greer teaching mantric meditation) or Dolphin talk. and personal psychic work (Angelika)
In "comfortable " times, we can spend some timer in the Mall buying unneeded things, but in times of crisis, the need of "events" is bigger. That is why people want Jesus to come tomorrow, before dinner if possible, OR the thousand Aliens to land once and for all.
However, day after day, the EXOS will give us their doses of unreliable "talk" about UFOs, Disclosure or inexistent meetings about UFOs in the UN. after day, people's disbelief grows. Same old ideas`recycled have less and less effect in public anxiety.

Perhaps it's time to find the solution of our Anxiety in ourselves, and stop Waiting.

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