Friday, April 10, 2009

Andrew Hennessey against Exopolitics and "soft" critics.

Andrew H. war against Exopolitics..!
He writes this:

the exoland movement for full disclosure is a charade and as such requires a new kind of critique ... but before we can get even to there - we all have to come to our senses and realise what the governments already know about ETs and earth changes - you can't sue a tsunami ..

maybe we need to help people identify whats phoney ???

here are some suggested spellings for the 'Disclosure Movement'



My main reason for withdrawal from active campaigns against exoland is that we are merely relegated to being critics and commentators on poor and un intelligent entertainment.
Boylan-bashing is NOT Sufficient, and even though sallas recent repositioning on the reality of 2012 physical catastrophes is a departure from one of webres feelgood press conferences ... there isn't sufficient reality in dr sallas ideology to realy intelligently critique BECAUSE it so poorly disguises its PRO-DEMONIC agenda

At the end of the day - I find myself being drawn into poor arguments with defenders of insane ideologies ... recognising that although ET dialog SHOULD happen intelligently using all the many due processes and academic expertise - like many of the things on disneyland earth that should happen it does not for no good pro-human reason.

Our rational expectations are not being fulfilled for NO REASONABLE EXCUSE ... and thus we see the layers strut and fret on the exostage telling tales like idiots, full of pseudo love and calmly stated insane fury ... poor players ... and by feeding them our attention ... we endorse them .. we feed them ... we give them life .. and we betray ourselves by doing so ... more than they can ever do.

There probably is a fully thought through scientific reality behind their insane ideation and contradictions and I covered that in my article on Cognitive Dissonance - which is to say that they bombard us with insanity to drive us away from the reigns and offices of power.

We assume though that there are such offices worth having and endorsing .. and I have seen video of myself circa 2000 blagging on at a conference about giving them the benefit of the doubt ...
now i can see that the same famines and diseases represent business as usual for the alienating charade ..

and my own solution is to lift my soul up in prayer - to not engage the matrix and its engaging madness .. but to become one with the True Vine of John 15
Only in this network can I hope for a future - as there just isn't much in this galaxy that has been capable of stopping the repto despair farm here for many thousands of years.

UP and OUT ... not sideways to some other repto-grey depleted farm.

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