Friday, April 24, 2009

How Charlatans test us..!

The Charlatans begin with something big. They show us a complete city in the surface of the Moon. Why? Just because if we believe that in the surface of the Moon there are modern cities with people, roads, buildings and transport, we are ready to buy anything and everything. (See how it works?)
If you believe that the Earth is the center of our Solar System, or that the Earth is flat, or that there are cities like New York in the Moon...!
Well, probably they will be able to sell you what they want.
They need an ignorant crowd to make their business. They are shameless. They will tell you that the Irak Invasion was directed to close an Alien Stargate , as Salla wrote..!
But...are these people serious? Of course they are. They seriously want to sell us a lie. They seriously believe that our stupidity and ignorance has no limits...


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