Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remain Calm: The Councilor of Earth Protect Us.

Dear Brothers and Sisters.
It was not a surprise when I read this communique of our beloved Councilor of Earth. He writes:

I am announcing a Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) to deactivate the lethal swine flu worldwide epidemic.
This critically-importan t Joint Psychic Exercise takes place this Friday, May 1. (Exact Time below)
The JPE’s purpose is to stop the spreading of and infection by the lethal Swine Flu virus worldwide epidemic. Star Nations informed that this virus is bioengineered by the Cabal to be specifically lethal to Meso-Americans, but is also harmful to other ethnicities. The evil Cabal cartel has been unleashing the virus in various countries.

Once again, the monstrous conspiracy of the infinitely evil Cabal is confronted by the Forces of Light, guided by the Star Nations and commanded by the Supreme Leader, Our Councilor of Earth, Dr. Boylan.
While I write this, there are tears in my eyes...tears of Emotion and Gratitude.
The Cabal controls our planet, but in the skies, the Star Nations watch over us, poor mortals, and of course one Man and a few followers will prevail against the enemies of the Human Race.
This is indeed a good War, and probably it is time to suggest to our Superiors the recognition of our magnificent protector, not only as Councilor of Earth but as Emperor of His Earth and the whole Galaxy.
Also, the artists and composers should organize themselves to give testimony of this epic battle between the Commandant of the Forces of Light against the Evil Cabal. On the contrary, decadent books, pictures and music promoting the Cabal, will know the purification of fire as soon as possible.

Absolute Loyalty to the Councilor of Earth.

a citizen
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