Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nothing Off Topic in Rational Ufology.

Why? Just because IF we believe that some things are On Topic and others are not, THEN we know what are the limits of Ufology.
Nobody knows. The EXOS share two things: ignorance and hate.
They think they know what is on and off topic.
Dr. Salla and Webre seem to follow different paths. But remember, every path in EXO is a dead end.
Why? Just because the ball is always in the field of the "others" , the Aliens, the Cabals, the Gov.
So, either you wait and implore the gov. to perform the Disclosure, OR you try the creation of a Cult, like Boylan does.
But...both possibilities are meaningless. Cannot be sustained for too long.
So, in our Rational Ufology, there are no Off Topics. Everything goes, because FREEDOM is our fundamental value.

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