Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dr. Boylan and the Altimarians.

Posting in UFOfacts, Boylan gives us this:

The Altimarians referred to are 12 scientist from the planet Altimar who have volunteered to come to Earth and assist with environmental remediation efforts here. For more see: http://www.drboylan .com/altimarians landed.html
The Cabal are a behind-the-scenes cartel of super-wealthy and powerful controllers of world affairs. They have stolen advanced technology from crashed starcraft and had their engineers refashion it into weapons. These are used in a variety of ways to manipulate and intimidate. For just a few examples, see: http://www.drboylan .com/milabs. html
I believe that Don was obliquely saying that the free will of innocent ordinary people should be respected and not the free will of the Cabal.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
But wait a minute, let us deconstruct this piece of bad science-fiction: These Altimarians, are illegal aliens? Where they are working for our planet? This alien infiltration is a Security Threat? If the Cabal is so powerful, why do they let these Altimarians remain here on OUR Earth? Has the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth absolute authority ?
Is Boylan some kind of Colonialist Emperor? Who else knows about this Alien Invasion? Did Fran, the incarnated Mantis eat Wendy and Asheoma?
Ideas welcome


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