Monday, April 27, 2009

From Bad Science-Fiction to Worst Horror Movie

This is the last creation of Dr. Boylan, Nothing is to much for these people.

By now most have read/heard about the new outbreak of deadly swine flu in Mexico, which has now crept into the U.S. and is causing double-digit deaths here.
As soon as I learned about this epidemic in Mexico, my Intuition kicked in that this was a Cabal bio-engineered virus. Specifically, that the Cabal had taken basic swine flu and weaponized it to become lethal instead of merely causing aches and fever, which the Cabal also bio-engineered in a way where those of Mexican genetics would be more susceptible to it. But now Star Nations has confirmed that this is indeed the case.
Thus this deadly swine flu variant is designed, as Star Nations points out, to prey upon the "swarthy, poor masses" that the Cabal see as useless. and "needing to be weeded out."
Thank you, Star Nations for relaying this information.
Which I am now sharing with the people.
Further, the Cabal figured that migrant workers slipping across the border into the United States would carry the virus with them, thus infecting American populations, and generating a demand by frightened persons to close the border to these poor workers only seeking a job. Thus the Cabal can use this virus to foment race and class warfare, one of their favorite old divide-and-conquer strategies.
Previously, the Cabal had bioengineered Hanta virus in a way where Native Americans (especially in the Southwest) would be especially susceptible to it. It is likely not a coincidence that such Native American reservations were places where enormous deposits of coal and uranium are located.
And earlier yet, the Cabal bioengineered the HIV/AIDS virus in a way that gays (especially men) and Blacks would be especially susceptible to this deadly bioweapon. Thus the scourges in gay communities, African-American communities, and in the Black populations in equatorial and southern Africa. It is also likely not a coincidence that such African populations reside in areas where diamonds, oil, chromium, and other valuable natural resources are located.
The Star Nations' insight is instructive: that the Cabal are doing this to "free up" money otherwise being spent on health care for poor people and communities of color, so that that "freed-up" money can be redirected to finance modern weapons production programs.
I have seen a mention in the newspaper that at least one scientist said that the deadly virus in Mexico was unnatural: that "you don't see in nature pig, chicken and Human viruses mixed together." What the scientists seem to be hinting is that they understand that this weapon was laboratory bioengineered.
The people need to demand that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reveal that this killer virus is man-made, and the CDC do an epidemiological tracing investigation back to where it was launched. And then to identify where it was made. And by whom. This may involve the FBI as well as the CDC.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
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